Deloitte Streamlines Atlantic Health System’s Cloud Adoption

Lynda Cacioppo, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP, Delves Into Oracle Cloud Implementation at Atlantic Health System

*Deloitte, a leader in consulting and professional services, is making significant strides in the health care sector, implementing cloud technologies. Lynda Cacioppo, managing director at Deloitte Consulting LLP, sheds light on the company’s unique approach and its long-standing relationship with Atlantic Health System, delving into the organisation’s experience and the transformative impact of its services.

Deloitte’s experience lies at the intersection of healthcare and enterprise performance. As Cacioppo explains, “The majority of the services that I provide are leading large, complex Oracle-enabled business transformations for health care organisations.” This underscores the work of the consultancy in the health sector—integrating advanced technology with healthcare experience and offering comprehensive solutions to complex challenges in the industry.

Collaborating With Atlantic Health System on the Oracle Cloud Implementation

One notable collaboration is with Atlantic Health System, a relationship spanning more than three decades. Here, Deloitte’s role was pivotal in the Oracle Cloud implementation, which included the implementation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Cloud Applications spanning Finance, ERP, SCM, HCM, Payroll and EPM. Cacioppo explains, “Deloitte was selected as the implementation partner where we collaborated with Atlantic Health System. We specifically provided leadership, health care leading business practices, and, of course, our deep Oracle functional and technical knowledge required to implement the solution.” 

The implementation of Oracle Cloud at Atlantic Health System serves as a prime example of how technology can revolutionise an organisation’s operations. Cacioppo notes, “The implementation is intended to change how the organisation operates, positioning Atlantic Health for continuous development and improvement around its financial strength.” This change is not just in technology; it focuses on enhancing the employee experience, therefore improving the approach to patient care.

Deloitte’s approach is not just about technological upgrades but a holistic transformation of business processes. As Cacioppo states, “It’s not just a lift and shift of technology. We approach these as business transformations that are enabled by an Oracle Cloud solution.” This methodology can help ensure that organisations like Atlantic Health System are not only equipped with the latest technology but also prepared for future advancements in areas like artificial intelligence.

A key aspect of Deloitte’s strategy is understanding and meeting the diverse needs of various stakeholders. “The Atlantic Health project team works side by side with Deloitte on a day-to-day basis. They need to, by and large, represent the organisation,” explains Cacioppo. This inclusive approach can help ensure that all parts of the organisation have their voices heard, which can lead to more effective and comprehensive solutions.

Having worked with Deloitte on the Oracle Cloud implementation, Atlantic Health System was able to see improvement in the patient and employee experience. It streamlined processes, enabling nurses and clinicians more time with patients—a critical measure in health care effectiveness. Additionally, it enhanced the efficiency of supply chain and financial operations, reducing manual work and enabling accurate and trustworthy data management.

Deloitte’s role in health care and other sectors is poised to be even more influential, especially as organisations navigate the complexities of emerging technologies. Cacioppo’s insight into the future of technology in health care, particularly the integration of clinical systems with the advanced technologies that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and applications can provide, indicates the direction in which the industry is heading.

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