The principal objectives of this association, ALFE, are:


  • To be the only official voice of the national pharmaceutical industry


  • To share among its members all technical advances and developments, being these national or foreign, that would help to improve ALFE'S capabilities to the betterment of its social services.


  • To certify constant observance of professional manufacturing and safe practices at the laboratories and by all its members


  • To promote studies and research assistance to the development of products, instruments and others, related all to the pharmaceutical industry


The ALFE partners are encouraged, as a safe practice, to exchange management techniques, sales and informative programs among themselves as well as to the public


ALFE is planning to establish training seminars and advance courses to all its members, from management to technicians on annual basis.


ALFE is cooperating with the government officials to advance the quality of the domestic pharmaceutical production in substitution of all imports in accordance with the new regulations into consideration by the President of the Republic