Starbrands S.A.C.

Starbrands S.A.C.


Starbrands is one of Peru's most recognized international companies in the beauty industry. For more than 17 years they have been providing innovative cosmetics for the modern woman in the domestic and global market.

The company was founded in 1996 by economist Cesar Davila, with the idea of ​​importing products within the local market. In 2006 they started their own manufacturing business and exporting as well. They currently have an ISO-Sig Sigma quality certification and supply 35 countries directly and indirectly.



Davila, who was returning from his studies abroad at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, decided to start his own business in Peru: Starbrands.

Initially, he associated with a supply company in Argentina that provisioned hair dye products to be distributed in the country. However Davila, who came from the trade and export business, was seeking the internationalization of Starbrands; and to follow that vision of growth they allied with a local company to manufacture and export products.

"Our first goal was to get in the cosmetics market, but always with the idea of seeking to be regional," he says.


Brands of Superior Beauty

Kativa, BMT, Duo Color and Stereo Color, are some of the brands that Starbrands Group promotes in local and international markets. Additionally, they have an area dedicated to the innovation, development and implementation of inputs, looking to expand their portfolio.

"Our main differentiator in business is innovation in terms of formula, solutions and products," says Davila.

This 2014 they will introduce new product lines in their export portfolio, which will be announced in various countries’ exhibiting fairs.


Competitive Advantages

With less than 10 years of being in the industry, Starbrands is facing the internationalization of their brands. They have been highlighting global trends, such as the inclusion of natural products and solutions with innovative concepts and high quality standards.

Compared to their local competitors, Starbrands looks abroad for the exponential growth of their brands.

"The strength of Starbrands is to enter niche markets and seek opportunities in the world," says Davila.


The Talent Behind Starbrands

In the area of product development, they have incorporated talented professionals who have improved the marking level.

Starbrands has an awards program for the human resources, managed accordingly to objectives achieved.

The company firmly believes that human management is the area that generates more value to the organization, from their plant employees to the administrative executives.



Technology is the key to provide greater efficiency in the production process. Therefore, the group acquired machinery from Europe, including new packaging equipment.


Social Responsibility

Starbrands sponsors an education program aimed at low-income families in Peru. The company provides a technical career, materials, tools and supplies. They will soon implement this social initiative with other distributors in Latin America.



Following the global trend of manufacturing natural products, the company has dabbled in the use of green formulas by producing solutions with 100 percent organic ingredients. This year they will launch “Quinoa Nativa,” an Andean quinoa product whose formula is completely natural.



Starbrands reach includes most countries in Latin America, but sees growing challenges in Venezuela, Argentina, and Ecuador, where political systems have led to obstacles in trade entries that directly affect exporters, such as Starbrands.



For their global efforts they will be present at major exhibitions in the beauty industry in Bologna, Dubai, Turkey, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong.

They have materialized several purchases for their new lines with customers in Russia and Spain; consolidated agreements with foreign companies in Kuwait and Egypt, and they continue to monitor various interested clients in Europe, Africa, and Asia. They will also focus their expansion efforts in the United States.


Starbrands Future

In the next five years they expect to open a plant in Ecuador and be active in 100 countries through a focused campaign of international exposure.