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SAP NS2 (National Security Services), a global-leading and wholly-owned subsidiary of SAP, places data security the core of its mission.

Currently, SAP allocates US$3.5bn towards Research and Development, and this enables SAP NS2 to offer state-of-the-art, innovative technologies to its globe-wide customer base - which spans private enterprise, government and regulated industries. 

SAP NS2’s expert team of analysts, innovators and security leaders provide round-the-clock services and solutions that maintain data security. The team also brings leading analytics insight and data fusion technologies from SAP and applies them to mission critical workloads. 

Part of the SAP NS2 mission statement reveals, “We believe that innovation and security should go hand in hand. Through the incorporation of the Intelligent Enterprise, we leverage emerging technologies to enable customers to focus on high value outcomes.”


Executives in SAP NS2

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Walt Sirene

R&D and Presales Technical Director, SAP NS2

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