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TAS Energy is a leading global off-site construction manufacture and modular specialist founded in 1999. Focused on design, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing highly efficient, factory built and packaged modular solutions, TAS products can be developed and customized for use across multiple industries. The company’s modular solutions are designed and manufactured across three facilities in Houston, TX encompassing 600,000 sq. feet - all near major shipping ports and interstate highways. As of April 2020, TAS is a Comfort Systems USA Company. This acquisition has allowed TAS to broaden its capabilities and partnerships in the data center industry. Comfort Systems USA is a leading provider of commercial, industrial, and institutional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical contracting services, with 134 locations in 115 cities around the nation. TAS partners with like-minded companies, such as EAS, working together to open a broader portfolio for shared customers.

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Ronn Mann

Vice President Engineering

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