Babylon expands digital healthcare services in US

By Leila Hawkins
Babylon is expanding its digital healthcare, value-based services in California...

Global digital healthcare company Babylon Health is expanding its services in California with a new service called Babylon 360, a combination of AI-powered technology, medical expertise, and personal care. With this new solution Babylon aims to make affordable, high-quality healthcare more accessible. 

The rollout of Babylon 360 is extended by the company's multi-million dollar investment in FirstChoice Medical Group, which serves nearly 50,000 Medicare Advantage and Medi-Cal members, and supports a network of 180 primary care providers and 1,000 specialty providers.

In the coming months, Babylon will roll out access to its app-based healthcare services such as virtual consultations, the symptom information checker, and live chat support to members under the FirstChoice Medical Group umbrella. 

Similar services are being launched across 10 counties in southeast Missouri. This includes an app that can be accessed 24/7 and includes a symptom information checker, an information tool, live chat with real Babylon team members, and virtual doctor consultations. 

As part of the company's expansion plans within the US, it app-based services are already being provided to members of certain health plans in New York, California, Missouri, Nevada and Iowa, with the ultimate goal of building a 50-state network.

“The current model of healthcare was designed to be reactive and intervene in emergencies and crises" Dr. Ali Parsa, Babylon CEO said. "It is primarily about sick care. With today's data and technology capabilities, we should be able to do much better to avoid surprises by monitoring people’s vital signs continuously and alerting any abnormalities early to intervene before a small issue is blown into a crisis.”

“Babylon 360 aims to create a holistic, easily accessible and affordable healthcare option that promotes prevention over the cure. We aim to bridge the gap between people and providers to create a seamless healthcare experience for all" Parsa added. 


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