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Ayman Alroby

Associate Executive Director of Infrastructure and Operations

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Mr. Alroby, a highly experienced IT leader with extensive expertise in the healthcare sector. In his current role as the Associate Executive Director of Systems and Application at KSMC, Mr. Alroby manages the digital, solutions, and applications that are essential for the organization's success.

Throughout his career, Mr. Alroby has held several key positions in the healthcare industry, including as a Consultant in Health Affairs at the Ministry of Health. He has also served as the Head of IT-PMO and Head of Analytics at King Saud Medical City, IT Director at King Saud Medical City, and eHealth Center Director.


Mr. Alroby's expertise in IT strategy, planning, and implementation has led to a proven track record of success in improving healthcare services and procedures. He is known for his dedication to innovation and his ability to leverage technology to drive positive change in the industry. 

Overall, Mr. Alroby is a highly respected IT leader with a wealth of experience and a commitment to achieving excellence and innovation in healthcare. His contributions to the field have been significant, and he continues to drive positive change through his work.