Hospitals Articles

Digitalisation and supply chains: the NHS post-COVID-19

The NHS is still recovering from COVID-19, but through the digitalisation of healthcare and managing a sustainable supply chain, there’s a promising future

4% of global carbon emissions are from the healthcare sector

From hospitals to inhalers, the healthcare industry creates 4% of global carbon emissions. As climate change worsens, so does its impact on health

Solving healthcare staff shortages with disability inclusion

IWSI America’s COO Andrew Sezonov & CSO Simon Whatmore on why the healthcare staff shortage can be solved with the inclusion of people with disabilities

World Hepatitis Day: the fight is on against new outbreak

On World Hepatitis Day, Cary James of the World Hepatitis Alliance, discusses how to fight viral hepatitis in the face of a new outbreak in children

3M to build a spin off of its Healthcare business

Material science innovator 3M is to build a global healthcare technology company spin off of the healthcare business it already runs, to focus on biopharma

SonicWall 2022 Cyber Report: healthcare top target

Network security company SonicWall has released its 2022 Cyber Report, showing that healthcare data remains a top target for cyber criminals

Mary Seacole: wartime hospital nurse & diversity pioneer

Mary Seacole (1805-1881) was a self-employed business woman and wartime hospital nurse who is honoured for her contribution to diversity in healthcare

Top 10 healthcare campuses across the world

In the post-pandemic world, a career in healthcare has caught the interest of many prospective students. Here are our Top 10 global healthcare campuses