Hospitals Articles

Franciscan Health cares for patients at home and in hospital

Franciscan Health unwaveringly centres patients ‒ from keeping family in the loop to providing iPads filled with patients’ own healthcare data

Trailblazer Tina Nolan shares her own healthcare heroes

Tina Nolan, Managing Director of healthcare & life science consultancy ETL, explains how COVID-19 forced the industry to rethink its infrastructure

Clinical leader Claire MacLaine on brain injury rehab

Claire MacLaine, a clinical leader at HCML, on the benefits of early intervention with bespoke rehabilitation for clients with a traumatic brain injury

US lawmakers want to create field hospitals near Ukraine

The Biden administration has been called to act by a group of bipartisan lawmakers who want to organise field hospitals near Ukraine’s border

COVID-19’s legacy must be an end to healthcare worker abuse

Healthcare workers are celebrated for their hard work, but as many come forward with reports of abuse from patients, they must be listened to

World Health Day 2022: Keeping us and the planet safe

7th April is World Health Day 2022 and after two mentally and physically exhausting years, it’s time to realign focus to our polluted planet

Hospitals must act on COVID-19 lessons before next crisis

Umang Patel, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft UK, on how EPRs and data can help the NHS act on the lessons learned from COVID-19

Hospitals must end caesarean stigma, after maternity review

After the devastating Ockenden maternity review, NHS hospitals have been told to listen to women and their families, to ensure women’s voices are heard