First victim of Libya conflict treated in NHS hospital

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A fifteen year old Libyan conflict victim has received surgery in a London NHS hospital after sustaining injuries to his left leg. Abdul Malek Ed Hamdi...

A fifteen year old Libyan conflict victim has received surgery in a London NHS hospital after sustaining injuries to his left leg.

Abdul Malek Ed Hamdi was flown over to the UK and admitted to St Mary’s Hospital on Thursday after his lower limb was wounded when he found a grenade stashed at his school in the midst of the country’s civil war.

Abdul's wound became infected and presented a risk of amputation. He came across the ammunition with his 12-year-old friend, Wadir, whose injuries were fatal.

Shehan Hettiaratchy, the lead clinician for plastic and reconstructive surgery at St Mary’s Hospital called Abdul “a robust little kid”.

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Hettiaratchy, who spent 10 weeks treating trauma victims in Afghanistan was involved in Abdul’s surgery and said: "He has responded incredibly well to the operation and was sitting up and had a big grin on his face.

“Abdul is a very robust little kid and has a strong relationship with his father, who has pushed to get him into the kind of place where he would receive the right treatment."

Abdul is the first of around 50 Libyan conflict victims that will be admitted to NHS hospitals. Libyan authorities will meet the costs of treatment.

A spokesperson from the Libyan Department of Health emphasised that the Libyan authorities would meet the cost of all treatment: “The Libyan government has asked the NHS to provide care for 50 patients who have been injured as a result of the recent conflict. Their care will be funded by the Libyan government.

“Careful attention is being paid in planning this treatment to ensure that no NHS patient is adversely affected. The patients will be treated in specialist NHS hospitals around the country on the basis of their clinical need and requirements."

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