New York State Requires all Healthcare Personnel to Receive Flu Shot Vaccination

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Written by Alyssa Clark The institution of a new, mandatory state-wide regulation in New York hopes to combat the spreading of the flu vaccination; an...

Written by Alyssa Clark


The institution of a new, mandatory state-wide regulation in New York hopes to combat the spreading of the flu vaccination; an alarming 63.5% of healthcare professionals do actually receive a flu shot vaccination, thus generating action from the public officials responsible for protecting the public’s health.

The Center for Disease Control reports “Since health care workers may care for or live with people at high risk for influenza-related complications, it is especially important for them to get vaccinated annually.”

This new mandate requires healthcare professionals to wear face masks when treating patients if they have not received a flu shot vaccination. Mobile Health officials are trying to get behind this mandate by beginning to brainstorm ways that they can support and make this initiative more user-friendly to healthcare professionals. Leaving patients vulnerable to a healthcare provider’s sickness is something that the state of New York does not want to be responsible for. The policy however still will apply to people even with medical exemption and/or personal or religious beliefs.

Organizations in the healthcare field will be required to turn-in mandatory reports on the vaccination status of their employees, with dates and locations according to each respective individual, as well as contractors, students, volunteers and anyone with direct access to or contact with a patient. The reports will be made viewable for random inspection by the DOH, and the reports of the administered vaccinations will be due on November, 15th.

As stated before, Mobile Health is helping to raise the compliance rate of healthcare providers to this policy. Agencies can now have the option of doing regular vaccination (in person) appointments, the new “Flu Shot Express” appointments option and/or on-site visits as well. All of these options are recognized by the DOH, and are up to the choosing of the respective individual. In person appointments or regular visit can cost as low as $25, or the other alternative, if there is a large enough group from an agency, would be to have the Mobile Health nurses come to the said agency and administer the shots at one time in one location. Pricing though of these set-up meetings can depend on dates and locals, as well as the number of people there are to be administered the shots.

“Flu Shot Express” appointments can be scheduled through all Mobile Health locations during specific daily hours, some including weeknights and weekend mornings. Appointments require previous registration and agencies can contact, to make an appointment. Prices start as low as $25 per vaccine, and the “Flu Shot Express” program will be available as of September 9th, 2013.


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