Projected Top 3 earning drugs in 2014

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Written by Alyssa Clark 1. Sovaldi; Hepatitis C Manufactured by Gilead, this hepatitis C drug won approval last December and is set to take on the wor...

Written by Alyssa Clark


1. Sovaldi; Hepatitis C

Manufactured by Gilead, this hepatitis C drug won approval last December and is set to take on the world in 2014. This drug is thought to have the most successful chance of not only providing patients with long-lasting and safe results, but is thought to be the target of a buyout by the end of 2014. Investors looking into their options for a productive and cost-effective drug, need not look any further. This drug is thought of as “one to watch” and a “blockbuster” for the upcoming year.

2. Abraxane; Breast, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer

This newly developed drug is a cancer compound that is already approved for the treatment of breast, lung and pancreatic cancer. Due to the expansion of its label and international reputation, this drug has already hit new highs for the year— and it’s only February. Celegene’s latest investment, Abraxane’s only negative set back will be its cost; the drug is estimated to cost between $6,000 and $8,000 per  month, presenting a successful result, but with a very hefty price tag. After being acquired by Celegene for $3 billion in 2010, the line proved to be an easy approval for the FDA and the drug began being used almost immediately to treat those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The cost/benefit analysis for investors will come down to the price and how many public patients can really afford to use this kind of treatment.

3. Avastin; Lung Cancer

Roche’s mega-blockbuster drug that recently was combined with its other high-functioning drug Alimta; this new combination generated nearly $7 billion in sales last year, and is thought to rival Abraxane in its public appeal and investment potential. This drug has been one of the more consistent performers within the market, but due to the recent combination of the two successful drugs, analysts are placing this drug as one of the front-runners that may explode on the scene throughout 2014. Rivaling Abraxane for highest grossing drug of the quarter, this one is going to jump the curve and may seriously allow for multiple “cash in” opportunities this year. 


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