Medical Devices & Pharma Articles

Nylas: AI can transform the healthcare sector post-COVID-19

Gleb Polyakov, CEO and co-Founder of software development company Nylas, discusses how AI can transform healthcare following the COVID-19 pandemic

How AI is transforming cardiovascular healthcare technology

AI is used in healthcare to identify abnormalities, measure heart rates & accelerate the move to clinical trials, say BIOS Health Ltd & VUNO

Tata Consultancy Services: Vinay Singhvi on Transformation

Vinay Singhvi, VP & Business Unit Head of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, UK & Ireland at TCS, discusses transformation and change in the industry

HealthPlix Technologies AI software helps doctors save time

Subhadeep Mondal, Product VP at HealthPlix Technologies, explains how India's AI-powered EMR software can help doctors save time in writing prescriptions

Healthcare CRM transformation for post-COVID-19 pharma

According to IT company Itransition, pharma companies need new CRM to embolden their communication with healthcare professionals post-COVID-19

Prescryptive on drug price transparency & pharma legislation

Paige Clark, VP Pharmacy Programmes & Policy at health platform Prescryptive discusses the prescription drug market & why technology is key to patient care


The Taiwan Excellence Award Winners on new technologies

Cypress Technology, Dacian Technology Material, Chroma ATE, Taiwan Advanced Nanotech & iDRC Chyng Hong Electronics are the Taiwan Excellence Award Winners

Healthcare background screening tech & staffing shortages

Val Poltorak of Healthcare & Life Sciences Group of Sterling, discusses how advanced healthcare background screening technology can ease staffing shortages