Provence Technologies launches USD 1.7 mln research programme

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Research laboratory specializing in fine chemistry Provence Technologies has launched screening 1000, a new USD 1.7 million research programme with the...

Research laboratory specializing in fine chemistry Provence Technologies has launched screening 1000, a new USD 1.7 million research programme with the goal of discovering a new ultra-pure molecule for the healthcare market.

The project is being launched by the R&D department of Provence Techologies and is being co-financed equally by Oseo, the French innovation promotion agency and Provence Technologies.

The programme is planned to run for 2 years and aims to develop a new range of products. Screening 1000 will initially analyse 1000 chemical compounds already on the market and detect those that show anomalies in purity.

The use of already known compounds allows the current range to be optimized and also reduce development costs.

Provence Technologies will then focus on new compounds with the most promising market potential.  The company will also develop new approaches to purification and synthesis that makes it possible to meet the purity levels required by health regulations.  

Claude Monteils, internal R&D project coordinator, Provence Technologies, said, “We hope this research project will create as much success as Provence Technologies enjoyed with our efforts around methylene blue. The really innovative part of this program is implementing new solutions in the fields of purification of active principles or alternative synthesis pathways.”  Mr. Monteils also said, “We are delighted that the French innovation promotion agency Oseo, which is a traditional partner of Provence Technologies, is joining us in this highly promising project and again supporting us in our strategy of innovation.” 

Provence Technologies is an independent company offering R&D services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, agrochemical and cosmetic industries in the area of fine chemistry, including research into synthesis pathways, synthesis of organic compounds, chemical development and process optimization.



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