Activ8rlives to launch second version of website for health, wellness

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Activ8rlives, the health and wellbeing technology company will be launching the second version of its website for health and wellness at the Mobile Wor...

Activ8rlives, the health and wellbeing technology company will be launching the second version of its website for health and wellness at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona (25th-28th February).

Along with a completely new fresh look, the website makes the site easy to navigate. It also allows the users to keep a detailed image-based food diary to track everything you eat and drink. There is no need for counting calories using the company’s dedicated Smartphone apps to take and upload pictures directly.

The new website also tracks the user’s health and wellbeing, by following the user’s activity health and wellbeing, by following the user’s activity levels and recommending when they should be more active.

The site also tracks weight, BodyMass Index and also body composition, providing new interactive tools to show if you have achieved a shape.

The pictorial food diary is annotated with your activity levels and weight change, giving immediate feedback as to whether your diet is working for you.

The body composition information such as visceral fat index and muscle and fat percentage, can be compared with the food choices being made. The new website adds other new health checks such as user’s self-perception of the overall wellness and symptoms if they have a lung condition-ideal for those trying to give up smoking or have asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis.

The new website also allows the users to compare one tracked parameter with another in an intuitive and simple way, aiding learning, self-motivation and self-management.

The use of the Activ8rlives website and its associated Smartphone apps is completely free. There are no monthly subscription fees and no purchase is required to track your health and wellness.  

Kevin Auton, company founder and director said:  “Version 2 of Activ8rlives builds further on our concept of self-monitoring and self-management.  Now in addition to activity levels, food/drink intake and weight/body composition, we have included simple tools for everyone to use so as to maintain quality of health.  

As the public debate about healthcare rationing begins, more of us will want to find ways to keep ourselves and our families well, to improve quality and not just quantity of life years.  Our new website paves the way for us to integrate web-connecting medical devices which can be used in the home and in clinical settings.

The next two of these devices will support those with lung health conditions to take better care of themselves, with on-line mentoring from their clinicians.  We are now recruiting volunteers for clinical trials with these devices in the UK.”

Activ8rlives is the brain child of Kevin Auton, who realised the value group support could bring to sustained weight loss after he and his own family decided to work together to lose weight and improve their general health, fitness and wellbeing.

Activ8rlives offers a range of equipment, from step counters through to electronic weighing scales, combined with an exclusive online community programme, which enables members to track their progress and share their successes with other Activ8rlives members.


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