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Read this article in the July Edition of Healthcare Global magazine Recruitment in the healthcare industry is complex. HR managers and healthcare recru...

Read this article in the July Edition of Healthcare Global magazine

Recruitment in the healthcare industry is complex. HR managers and healthcare recruiters have a difficult job searching for qualified candidates for healthcare jobs. Recruiters need to help market and sell the job opportunity to healthcare professionals. They are then required to pre-qualify the candidate based on their education, credentials, and prior experience, and assist with coordinating the interview process. Usually the pre-qualification process involves reviewing many CVs and resumes and then phone interviewing the candidates who appear most qualified on paper. However, a new tool for business professionals, Businessfriend is helping healthcare recruits simplify the process and make recruitment more efficient and effective.

Healthcare Global spoke to Philip Diehl, Marketing Manager at Businessfriend about how the new social and business tool can improve recruitment in the healthcare sector >>>

HCG: How can healthcare executives use Businessfriend to organise their recruitment process?

PD:Businessfriend offers a hiring manager that is very flexible and customizable based on the recruiter's needs. Once a job is posted and users begin to apply, applications are organized automatically based on where they fall in the recruitment process. If they are brand new applicants they will be labeled and organized into an individual folder labeled “New Applicant”. The same automated organization applies as the candidate moves through the interview process. Once they are viewed they are labeled as viewed, then they move to the status “Pending Interview” once an interview is scheduled and so on. And if that is not good enough the recruiter can also use tags to create custom folders allowing for total control of the recruitment process to suit the needs of the business. 

HCG: How does Businessfriend’s compatibility scoring system work and how can it help recruiters in the healthcare industry make the recruitment process more efficient?

PD:The compatibility score is based on the job posting itself. Every criteria created by the recruiter becomes part of the algorithm for the compatibility score including skills, education, location, past experience etc. When the applicant applies they are asked a few questions. Based upon their answers and the information in their profile the Job Manager will go through and see if the applicant meets the criteria presented by the company. Based on that a compatibility score is set. By default each criteria in the job post is equally weighted, but if some things are more important than others the recruiter can customize the algorithm to their needs to sort through the best candidates more quickly and effectively.


Social recruitment takes center stage

HCG: How does the job posting section on Businessfriend work and how can it help busy managers streamline the recruitment process?

PD:First of all, I think I should mention the first job post is free, because we believe before people pay for it they should know what they are paying for. We are very proud of it and believe we can afford to offer it for free because once a company uses it they will want to use it again. Businessfriend is built around communication and productivity tools. The Job Manager is no different.

In addition to the customized organization and automation, there are many other features that help streamline the process. The first one and most obvious one is the compatibility score. The recruiter can immediately go to the top candidates and sort through them first instead of wasting their time sorting through candidates who are not qualified for the position. Also each job post can have multiple admins. A Job Admin gets the full functionality of the Job Manager on their own personal profile. The tool is made for collaboration so their is a section on the Job Manager to pass notes back and forth, rate candidates, share new candidates with other admins, and create tags. All of this activity is visible to all admins, and is collected in an easy to read activity stream. We believe this really streamlines the communication between recruiters, and it collects all the information about the candidates in one place so the recruiter can stay organized and ultimately make the best recruitment decisions.

HCG: What other recruitment tools on Businessfriend could HR managers utelise in the healthcare sector?

PD:We are first and foremost a professional network so recruiters can browse users profile and look for new talent. We are growing quickly so recruiters can come back regularly and see new members signing up. In addition a recruiter can use our messaging platform to get in touch with possible recruits, the Doc Manager to be able to access important papers from any computer and any device, and the calendar to schedule their interviews and organize their schedule. Businessfriend is a flexible platform that is full of opportunity for any member that signs up.

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