PerkinElmer, Inc unveils new range of assay kits

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Global leader focusing on improving health and safety of people and the environment, PerkinElmer, Inc has introduced a new range of assay kits utilizin...

Global leader focusing on improving health and safety of people and the environment, PerkinElmer, Inc has introduced a new range of assay kits utilizing AlphalLISA technology to help improve the safety testing, manufacturing and quality control of biotherapeutic drugs.

The biotherapeutic drug development is an emerging field due to the highly targeted and specific nature of these drugs that is beneficial for treating patients with cancer, inflammatory diseases and rare diseases.

Biotherapeutics is a naturally occurring molecules, such as antibodies, recombinant proteins and vaccines and are recognized as an alternative to small-molecule approaches for drug development.

The regulatory requirements addresses the potentially harmful sideeffects and undersirable contaminants that can lead to toxic reactions or adverse immune responses are more stringent for biotherapeutic drugs than for small molecule drugs.

The company PerkinElmer developed these new assays to meet the more stringent performance requirements pertaining to drug impurities and toxic effects.

Kevin Hrusovsky, president, Life Sciences and Technology said, “PerkinElmer is continuously seeking new ways to improve human health through the development of innovative technologies.” Mr. Kevin also said, “Adverse reactions due to drug toxicity is a real issue that we are passionate about helping to minimize. We are very excited to enable our customers to improve the safety and efficacy of new biotherapeutic drugs being developed through our new assay kits which are the latest addition to our growing biotherapeutics portfolio.”

PerkinElmer has a portfolio of solutions across the biotherapeutics workflow, from target identification, cloning and expression to safety testing and quality control.

The portfolio includes the LabChip GXII benchtop microfluidic system for high throughput protein analysis and characterization, and the JANUS BioTx Pro Workstation for protein purification with batch and column chromatography capabilities.

PerkinElmer, Inc. is an American multinational technology corporation, focused in the business areas of human and environmental health, including environmental analysis, food and consumer product safety, medical imaging, drug discovery, diagnostics, biotechnology, industrial applications, and life science research. It produces analytical instruments, genetic testing and diagnostic tools, medical imaging components, software, instruments, and consumables for multiple end markets.


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