Rhenovia Pharma Recognized As World Leader In Biosimulation

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The confirmation was received from the Global Biosimulation Technology Market (2012-17) study by the independent company Markets and Markets (USA), pub...

The confirmation was received from the Global Biosimulation Technology Market (2012-17) study by the independent company Markets and Markets (USA), published at the end of last year.

The recognition of Rhenovia’s global leadership crowns the first phase of the development plan for the company, which will now accelerate it growth. 

Post the first round of seed funding of EUR 350,000 in 2009, the biotechnology company is preparing a second round of investment to support its development and reinforce its position as world leader.

The company plans to recruit around 20 new employees in France over the next five years. The company also plans to accelerate its global development by strengthening its American subsidiary, founded in Boston in 2012, where it plans to hire around ten new employees.  It also aims to create new direct operations or partnerships in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Dr. Serge Bischoff, CEO of Rhenovia said, “We are delighted to have received this recognition from MarketsandMarkets of our status as leader in the field of biosimulation for the CNS. Today, biosimulation is an indispensable technology within the pharmaceutical industry and Rhenovia is becoming the preferred partner, with its ability to support all market participants by providing services or research and development partnerships.” Mr. Bischoff also said, “The results of this study have provided further encouragement to us in continuing to develop this promising technology, which can not only be used in numerous areas of human healthcare, but also in the food and defense industries.

The founders, the employees and even the shareholders of Rhenovia are driven by strongly shared passion and ethics, placing people at the heart of the company’s development strategy.”

The global market for biosimulation in drug R&D is estimated to be USD 1.2 billion by 2017.

Rhenovia Pharma SAS is a private biotechnology company specializing in the development and optimization of treatments for Alzheimer’s and other diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Rhenovia is based in Mulhouse, France and Cambridge, Massachusetts in the U.S.


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