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Follow @Staff_Editor_RD Myprotein, the UKs number one retailer of sports nutritional goods over the internet, has launched an interactive guide to hea...


Myprotein, the UK’s number one retailer of sports nutritional goods over the internet, has launched an interactive guide to healthy living and keeping fit.

The guide represents a general strategy within the company at present to produce more relevant and valuable content on the website, as part of an ongoing development plan.

The development of Myprotein's content marketing strategy will sit alongside traditional product placement marketing of the company’s extensive product range, which includes sports supplements, workout accessories and a vast array of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

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The interactive tool suggests a recommended daily allowance of your three basic macronutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats, and is also capable of calculating the dosage of performance enhancing amino acids and creatine, all based on the sport selected.

The guide also features interviews with top athletes from each field offering hints and tips for building muscle, losing fat and enhancing sports performance.

Featured athletes include World 400m Hurdles Champion and Team GB athletics captain, Dai Greene, as well as 100m Backstroke World Record Holder Gemma Spofforth, gymnastics’ Youth Olympic Gold Medal winner, Sam Oldham and UKBFF Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion Daz Ball.

Myprotein’s Marketing Director Mark Coxhead has voiced his enthusiasm over the developments being made: "We wanted to create a resource that was not only really useful, but linkable too. By creating valuable content on the site we're hoping to gain natural traction to the page.

 He continued: "We're confident that this is a web page that sports enthusiasts will use as a go-to resource for all things nutrition."


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