Study says children eat more veggies when they eat with their families

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Research has shown that children who eat occasional meals at home together with their family are more likely to get their recommended 5-a-day servings...

Research has shown that children who eat occasional meals at home together with their family are more likely to get their recommended 5-a-day servings of fruits and vegetables.

Generally, the research has show that kids tend to eat everything that’s put in front of them. While placing a plate full of leafy greens and apples on the table might not automatically change a child’s eating habits, the study found that children generally eat what their parents and older siblings eat.

Therefore, if the rest of the family is eating a healthy meal together, then the child is likely to eat the same thing.

The study also found that a disturbing 63% of children do not eat the recommended number of servings of fruits and veggies suggested by the World Health Organization.

As per the numbers, children who always ate their meals with their families consumed on an average one and a half portions of fruits and veggies more than those children who never ate with their families.

The children from families who reported eating fruits and vegetables every day were found to consume atleast one full portion more each day than children whose parents rarely ate these foods. 

Many reports have also indicated that while childhood obesity is falling slightly in some parts of America, there is still so much work to be done to ensure the health of children. Just about 17% of America’s children under 20 are presently considered obese and further studies have shown that obese children often turn into obese adults.

Eating more fruits and vegetables as can decrease weight as well as help to maintain a generally healthier lifestyle. But having more fruits and veggies with their parents isn’t the only benefit these kids receive from eating family meals, says researchers in the study. 


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