USANA Health launches personalized supplement product MyHealthPak

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Global nutritional company USANA Health Sciences has launched its personalized supplement product MyHealthPak in relation with the highly anticipated...

Global nutritional company USANA Health Sciences has launched its personalized supplement product MyHealthPak in relation with the highly anticipated, patent-pending True Health Assessment.

The nutrition company’s MyHealthPak comprises of individually packaged supplements customized to meet the user’s personal health needs.

The product, initially developed in 2007, is made possible by a highly specialized machine used to produce the personalized packets. Now, similar machines in Singapore will allow for global production.

Dr. Carsten Smidt said, “USANA understands that personalized health is the way of the future.” Meanwhile, USANA’s Vice President of R&D said, “We believe, as our associates and customers in Asia and Europe do, that there is no one-size fits-all solution to wellness and that everyone has different nutritional needs.” 

USANA is also launching the true health assessment, a free and revolutionary application designed to help consumers discover their very own, personalized path to true health. This one-of-a-kind tool puts the consumers in the driver’s seat as they answer a variety of health-related questions. 

Dr. Brian Dixon, Executive Director of product and technology innovation said, “The True Health Assessment takes into consideration multiple factors, such as personal goals, eating habits, exercise routine and more and that information provides the consumer with a comprehensive understanding of their overall health status.”  Mr. Dixon also said, “It then makes personalized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on each individual’s profile. We believe the True Health Assessment in conjunction with the MyHealthPak will help in every customer achieve his or her personal wellness goals.” 

USANA Health Sciences is America’s well-known companies in the field of health and nutrition. Its mission is to develop highest quality, science-based health products distributed globally through net work marketing, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for its independent associates, shareholders and employees.


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