Technology & AI Articles


EY Blood Donation Blockchain Pilot 'Healthcare Breakthrough'

EY Canada has been working with Canadian Blood Services to safeguard the blood products supply chain by using blockchain to record and safeguard data


McKinsey: Managing Risk Vital on GenAI Use in Public Health

McKinsey report details GenAI use cases in public health but warns strong risk management and skills development are crucial for solutions to be scaled


Nokia & STL Boost for Indian Healthcare Networks

Nokia and STL partnership will strengthen healthcare business networks in India by providing high-speed and high availability networks


AI Tool 'Picks up Early-stage Breast Cancers Doctors Missed'

Kheiron Medical Technologies' AI tool trialled by NHS in Scotland identified 11 cases of early-stage breast cancer that were missed by clinicians


Schneider Electric: Data Centres ‘are Empowering Healthcare’

Schneider Electric Europe Category Management Director Elliott Turek says data centres are playing a 'pivotal role' in advancing precision medicine


Google Cloud AI Healthcare Solution 'Will Ease Admin Burden'

Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Healthcare already making a difference for healthcare organisations says Healthcare Strategy Director Aashima Gupta


UnitedHealth Group Cyberattack Sees US Government Respond

US government calls on UnitedHealth Group to Mitigate US healthcare cash-flow crisis following ransomware cyberattack on Change Healthcare

Patchwork Health: How Can Technology Transform NHS Staffing?

Dr Anas Nader, CEO and Co-Founder of Patchwork Health, shares his expert insight around how technology can positively impact healthcare staffing