Technology & AI Articles


Delivering the right tech solutions to healthcare facilities

Alex Sweeting, Head of IT at 4ways Healthcare, explores using technology to deliver new services, in partnership with digital transformer Redcentric


How healthcare analytics tools enhance quality care

Healthcare analytics tools improve quality care. Arcadia discusses how they can streamline clinical processes to provide better patient results


5 minutes with Patrick Reetz, CPO at LinkLive, on AI

Patrick Reetz, Chief Product Officer at LinkLive, explores the future of AI & how the healthcare sector can deploy AI that is both secure & compliant


AI in healthcare: the data debate according to Kry

Vivian Arbenz, Group Data Protection Officer at Kry, discusses the EU’s European Health Data Space & the role of AI technology in healthcare


Technology improving outcomes & revolutionising healthcare

Patients expect digital immediacy & high standards of security. David Royal, Public Sector Advisory at BIP, explores technology improving health outcomes


Unlocking the potential of clinical trials with digitisation

Amiel Kollek, Senior Software Engineer at Lindus Health, shares why the future of clinical trials depends the power of digitisation


The Novartis Foundation is improving cardiovascular health

The Novartis Foundation has studied people with high blood pressure living in São Paulo, Dakar and Ulaanbataar. Here, Ann Aerts tells us more

IPDS helping keep VCU on the cutting edge of technology

IP DataSystems (IPDS) has partnered with VCU School of Dentistry at multiple levels, with the primary focus on modernising the school’s IT infrastructure