Technology & AI Articles

Why technology is the answer to the mental health crisis

Laura Morrill, Investment Director at ECI Partners, on how technology is key to solving the mental health crisis & supporting healthcare professionals

Wayne Liu from Perfect Corp. on AI skin technology

Wayne Liu is the Chief Growth Officer & President of the Americas at Perfect Corp. He tells us about AI skin technology & advances in dermatology

M Ventures’ Noga Yerushalmi on the role of AI in healthcare

Noga Yerushalmi of M Ventures discusses the benefits of AI in modern healthcare and teaming up with pharma manufacturers AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer & Teva

Weekly news round-up: prosthetics & 3D vision technology

Healthcare Digital weekly news round-up: electronic implants, prosthetics, 3D vision technology and Ukraine’s longest-serving Minister of Health

Innovaccer’s John Gurnett on how data can help healthcare

John Gurnett, GM for UK & Europe at Innovaccer, explores the potential for data to help healthcare reduce costs & unleash digital transformation

Kimball Electronics is prepared for the new normal

Kimball Electronics used the pandemic to bring its global facilities closer together to build life-saving equipment around the world for the new normal.

Volex: Paul Bullock discusses Volex's global footprint

Paul Bullock, European COO, Volex

5 minutes with David Chen CTO of Orbbec

David Chen is the CTO of Orbbec, an industry leader in 3D vision technology. Here, he discusses how this technology is transforming the healthcare industry