Technology & AI Articles

Medtronic’s technology supports doctors’ continued learning

George Murgatroyd of Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, knows that in order to care for patients, surgeons must have top technology


5 minutes with Yoni Nevo, CEO of Sweetch

At behavioural science company Sweetch, CEO Yoni Nevo treats chronic illnesses with digital therapeutics solutions, using AI & emotional intelligence

Maximising patient safety with IoT in healthcare

Pippa Boothman, VP Marketing & Communications at Disruptive Technologies, on how to enhance patient safety across healthcare and cut costs with IoT

The role of robotics and wearable technology in healthcare

Ravinder Dahiya, IEEE fellow & professor of electronics & nanoengineering at University of Glasgow, on robotics & wearable technology systems in healthcare

From Rwanda to Japan drones are delivering healthcare items

Drones are being used by the global healthcare industry across the USA, Rwanda and Japan to deliver blood and pharmaceutical supplies to patients in need

Consumers will ‘finally’ determine the future of healthcare

John Kelly Principal Business Advisor at healthcare data company Edifecs explains why he believes that at last consumers will have their say on healthcare

Productivity starts with employee health & wellbeing

Richard Jeffery, Group CEO at ActiveOps, discusses why every employer should be interested in the health and wellbeing of its professionals

How IoT and real-time data can ease healthcare understaffing

Toby Hawkins, mpro5 Sales Director, on how Internet of Things, adaptive software & real-time data can fill vacancies for organisations across the world