Hair removal treatment: Laser treatment or Electrolysis treatment

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Written by Marie Laser and Electrolysis both are permanent hair removal techniques. Unwanted hairs, especially facial hairs, can be removed with the h...

Written by Marie


Laser and Electrolysis both are permanent hair removal techniques. Unwanted hairs, especially facial hairs, can be removed with the help of either of two techniques. In Laser treatment, a hand-held unit or light bar emits an intense light that damages the hair bulb and follicle which can be normally performed at a spa or dermatology clinic. In Electrolysis treatment, a dermatologist or physician inserts a hair-like, tiny probe into the actual follicle and delivers a tiny electrical shock to the hair root which results in permanent damage to the hair, root and reproductive cells of follicle itself. Electrolysis treatment can be considered as a tedious process, as each hair is treated individually in this process and the roots of the hair are destroyed one by one individually.

Both hair removal treatments can be done in order to remove hair permanently. Both these treatments have equal advantages and disadvantages. Following is a short discussion on advantages and disadvantages of both the hair removal treatments. First we shall start discussion with laser hair removal technique and later on continue our discussion with electrolysis hair removal techniques.

Laser Hair Removal:


  • Less time: This treatment is less time consuming as compared to electrolysis. As this treatment covers a wide area in one time so it takes less time in treatment.
  • Pain factor: This treatment is relatively pain-free treatment but depending on the part where you go and who does the treatment. If any pain is felt, then it usually feels very mild, almost like getting a small spot of hot cooking oil on the skin.
  • Availability: Laser hair treatment centers are easily available at your near by places.


  • Number of treatments: To get optimal result, one has to visit the laser treatment center regularly for 5-6 times, each costs money!
  • Cost: As per laser treatment is concerned, the treatment cost is quite high. Each visit costs $150-$200.
  • Not permanent: Laser treatment is not a permanent option. Instead it reduces the growth of hair.

Electrolysis Hair Removal:


  • Permanent: It removes hair permanently and a better option to get rid from unwanted hair.
  • Cost: It requires 25-30 regular visits each costing around $60, to see better results.


  • Finding a licensed electrologist: Licensed electrologist is hard to find in your near by areas. You have to search a lot for finding a reliable electrologist.
  • Time: Process of electrolysis is quite lengthy. Each hair is treated individually which results in more time.
  • Pain factor: A small electric current is passed through hair follicle which is not unbearable, but slight more than that using laser hair removal treatment.
  • These are some of the points to choose which treatment is better to use. Considering time factor, pain factor and availability, best hair removal is lasertechnique. While considering cost and lifetime permanent effect, electrolysis technique can be opted for getting more effective results.


About the Author

Marie, a dermatologist has experience on both these hair removal techniques. Based on her experience on both the techniques she has well-versed the topic and tried to make out difference between the two type of treatments. Considering her personal view, she considers best hair removal treatment is laser treatment. 


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