Hospice Volunteers "e-learn" with eTrainingAssist

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Written by Alyssa Clark Hospice Volunteers “e-learn” with eTrainingAssist eTrainingAssist is a brand new form of electronic learning, and i...

Written by Alyssa Clark

Hospice Volunteers “e-learn” with eTrainingAssist

eTrainingAssist is a brand new form of electronic learning, and is entirely online-based. This volunteer training program offers certification upon completion of this video-driven volunteer Palliative Caregiver program. Teaching Transitions, a prevalent online hospice training company, has launched eTrainingAssist to promote accessibility and accommodate the inherent diversity existing within hospice education. By utilizing modern technology to the fullest, along with presenting a visually stimulating and media-rich curriculum, the user is sure to walk away informed and impressed with their learning experience.

Teaching Transitions promotes cost-effective learning, convenience and high standards for the educational experience. Though the work in this field is not for everyone, along with the basic training necessary to be a Palliative Caregiver or Volunteer being extremely difficult, Teaching Transitions rises to the occasion in providing students the absolute best in user-friendly learning experience.

“Death is a natural part of life, but most people are not prepared or trained to support an individual who is dying, or their family. This is where carefully trained hospice volunteers come in”, stated Patty Burgess-Brecht, Founder of Teaching Transitions.

Volunteers play an important role within the world of hospice, sometimes a much larger role than patients or family members give them credit for. Teaching Transitions wants to recognize the effort and commitment of its trainees, by recognizing that the actions of one volunteer have the potential to influence a family’s future. These trained volunteers perform tasks like running errands for the patient or family, sitting bedside, feeding/bathing and more.

A Requirement and a Responsibility

Mandated by Medicare, hospice requires that 5% of total patient hours be performed by a trained hospice volunteer. In order to meet that need, companies begin to fall victim to their own diversity; with the different ages, locations and availability of volunteers, scheduling in-person training poses a difficult task for trainers. Moving the platform to be entirely online and virtual essentially eliminates that problem, while not only allowing but helping trainees get their certificates and those Medicare mandates to be met.

“We’ve taken the mandated training to the next level”, Burgess stated. “We’ve brought it online, made it engaging, professional, and created a certification program. Upon successful completion of the training, participants are granted the Certified Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Caregiver (CHVP) designation.” “ In fact,” Burgess says, “this training can be offered to all volunteers and staff. There is no reason why volunteers and all staff cannot be certified-- from the receptionist to the hospice director.”

The average price for training a hospice volunteer, according to the Hospice Volunteer Association, is $763 and the eTrainingAssist program yearly subscription costs nearly a fraction of that. Incorporating all facets of multi-media learning, Teaching Transitions utilizes: music, films, videos, meditation, experiential exercises, audio interviews, testing, traditional teaching, and more. For more information on pricing, training contents and a “sneak peak” of the eTrainingAssist program visit http://teachingtransitions.com/hospice-online or call 215 428 6677.

Alyssa Clark is the Editor of Healthcare Global


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