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There are numerous people who are fond of smoking. Some are addicted while others use it as a style statement. Cigarette is one of the forms of tobacco...

There are numerous people who are fond of smoking. Some are addicted while others use it as a style statement. Cigarette is one of the forms of tobacco consumption which has been in trend since many years. With the numbers of people increasing and alleviation in demand, many brands stepped into manufacturing of cigarettes. As a result, people inclined to this habit have whole lots of options for cigarettes. Many of such brands are highly popular across the globe, which means that people can get their favourite brand anywhere.

 No doubt, cigarettes are harmful. It won’t be exaggerative if it is said that they are hub of various dangerous diseases. Even many of them are life challenging! For this reason every brand of cigarette imprints a statutory warning over the cover of its packet which reads-“smoking is injurious to health”. People dealing with smoking too know about this aspect very well. Many of them also think to quit this habit while some others look out for some other alternative.

All of these factors pushed the inventors to provide a better substitute to the people and this is how E-cigarettes came into light. These are one of the most unconventional methods of smoking which have left many people in the state of curiosity. Electronic cigarette has been proven less harmful when compared with traditional methods of smoking.  One of the reasons is that they do not produce smoke; instead, they produce vapours which do not affect much to the body or even to the person standing near.

It is the better result of e-cigarettes that they can be used freely even at the no smoking areas. Consequently, they are far safer methods for the specified people. Additionally, these cigarettes have also been found to decline the smoking sensations among the people. It means that the person would hardly feel the urge to smoke, while coming across this method of accomplishing his habit. Naturally, there’s nothing better to stay healthier at the end.

Furthermore, many forms of e-cigarettesare now available in the market. Of course they are still new to many people. These versions of cigarettes have different operating modes and functions. Most probably, no two e-cigarettes are same in operation. Further they also consist of atomizer, cartridge and batteries thus making them electronic. Hence one may think like-“Which type of e-cigarette should I go for”? Well, if this is the major concern, then let’s have a look to some of the types of e-cigarettes.

1.      Disposable E-cigarettes-These types of e-cigarettes when compared with traditional cigarettes differ only in terms of operation, rest they are same in resemblance. This makes a person feel as if smoking the actual cigarette. It means that one gets his purpose fulfilled without any harm. These cigarettes can be disposed off after use.

2.      Rechargeable E-cigarettes­-These versions turn out reliable, not only in terms of their operating modes, but also in terms of their use. To be more precise, the user can recharge these cigarettes once, the installed e-liquid goes low. Subsequently, this also avoids frequent spending upon the cigarettes again.

3.      Variable Vaporizers-These types of e-cigarettes are installed with stronger batteries and various setting modes. They are trendy and last for long. In addition, the user can also change the level of the mode which creates vapours. Meaning, the user could control the amount of e-liquid intake by own.

All of these types of cigarettes come along various categories and price range. To summarize, a lot has been said about E-cigarettes. Every product has two aspects-good and bad and e-cigarettes too are no more exceptional. Though they are less harmful, but it would be recommendable to check the product before use.

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