New sheep placenta therapy used to banish wrinkles

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A Harley Street doctor has developed an unusual new cosmetic surgery treatment which is being branded as an ‘alternative facelift. Rather than ut...

A Harley Street doctor has developed an unusual new cosmetic surgery treatment which is being branded as an ‘alternative facelift’.

Rather than utilising a cream or Botox injections, sheep placenta is the main ingredient in the new Actistem treatment, which apparently acts as a cure for wrinkles.

It is thought that sheep placenta contains a protein which, when it comes into contact with skin, can help to stimulate collagen production.


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According to Dr Roberto Veil, the brains behind the treatment, the placenta is full of stem cells which replenishes the skin and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a skin firming effect.

Patients who undergo the Actistem procedure have an anaesthetic cream applied to their face, which is followed by a dermaroller treatment to stimulate the blood flow in the skin.

This is followed by the application of the sheep placenta, a clear, thick, liquid, which is massaged into the face.

Dr Weil repeats the process three times as part of one treatment and after three days patients will notice an improvement in skin texture.

After two weeks the elastin and collagen count in the skin increases and it will be lifted and tightened, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The sheep placenta is imported to Dr Veil’s London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery from Australia and the Actistem treatments take 30 mintues, cost £600 and results can last up to five months. 


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