Telenursing Service DialNurse Promotes Medical Consultations

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Written by Alyssa Clark Breaking into the telehealth and mhealth market, DialNurse announced the expansion of its services of now offering to include...

Written by Alyssa Clark


Breaking into the telehealth and mhealth market, DialNurse announced the expansion of its services of now offering to include private and public enterprises, in looking for ways to include a new form of medical consultation as a main element of its healthcare benefits to employees. An average return investment from investing in telehealth and mehealth programs has a return on investment percentage of 250-350 percent; as a direct impact from the reduced energy admission and reduced office visit costs according to the Society of Actuaries.

"The overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received from our consumer customers indicated that the time was right to extend the benefits of DialNurse services to the business community," said Gunjan Goel, Co-founder & CEO of DialNurse. "During this critical period of healthcare reform, DialNurse is helping the medical infrastructure in the U.S. by addressing the not so urgent cases, thereby reducing the crowding in emergency rooms and doctor's offices. Businesses using this proven service realize direct savings while providing convenient healthcare options for their employees or constituents."

Speaking both English and Spanish, DialNurse utilizes registered and licensed nurses to provide 24/7 care and medical consultations for patients for less than the price of an average co-pay.  DialNurse’s services benefit a range of patients need from: those with high deductible plans, have no medical insurance, are living in remote areas of U.S., or those who simply want medical consultations anonymously. Based out of the U.S., DialNurse has serviced over 5,000,000 calls and has over 12 years experience in the telehealth and mhealth industry.

"DialNurse plays a critical role in solving challenges our members face as they implement healthcare reform," said Todd Sanders, president & CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. "We're honored to have DialNurse as a new premier member and look forward to helping it keep the community informed on solutions to the rising costs of healthcare."

DialNurse joined the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce as a premier member in order to broaden its reach and connections within the business community. This connection now enables DialNurse to educate members on the benefits of telenursing and will evolve to an important resource for issues concerning the impact of technology within the healthcare industry. This will increase the backing of DialNurse by having the support of such a well-respected, collaborative and influential state member.

About DialNurse

DialNurse is an on-demand telehealth and mhealth service that provides medical consultation from U.S. based licensed and registered nurses 24x7x365 anywhere, anytime in 43 states. Services can be accessed through the phone, web, or the company's mobile applications on the app stores. For more information, please visit



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Alyssa Clark is the Editor of Healthcare Global


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