Upcoming RSNA conference to unveil revolutionary Merge technology

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Written by Alyssa Clark There is a gap in the healthcare market surrounding the lack of imaging technology and the ability to easily share healthcare...

Written by Alyssa Clark


There is a gap in the healthcare market surrounding the lack of imaging technology and the ability to easily share healthcare related images. Image sharing and image viewing has been a long-contemplated issue within the healthcare field, especially since the revolutionary way of reinterpreting records and sharing of EHR, and now we have companies and patients demanding a better way to access and share health-related images.  

"Based on client feedback and changing clinical, IT and business requirements, Merge has developed three flexible configurations of iConnect Access that can meet all institutions' specific mission and workflows," said Justin Dearborn, CEO of Merge. "Merge is the only vendor to offer this unique and innovative combination of image sharing and enterprise viewing...no third-parties, no partners. This is our true end-to-end enterprise imaging solution and we are pleased to show it at RSNA this year."

The radiology division of the healthcare world specifically has been hit hard by the lack of image sharing technology— but healthcare professionals need no longer worry, since Merge Solutions brings image viewing to center stage, finally.

Dealing with the issues of remote locations, decreased availability of expensive machines and equipment, the ability of sharing data between image viewing machines and the different business models and expenditures of corporations, Merge has identified all of these market flaws and has capitalized immensely on them. Merge will introduce its iConnect Access Version 5.0 at the RSNA Conference on December 1st-6th, in Chicago Illinois. As an industry-first, this technology will display the enterprise of image sharing technology that integrates seamlessly into the already standing EHR technology.  

Slated for delivery in the first quarter of 2014, iConnect Access 5.0 is part of the iConnect Enterprise Clinical Platform and includes iConnect Enterprise Archive, which was ranked the largest vendor-neutral archive in the world for the second year in a row by IHS. This universal viewer solution will be the main event, as it is highly-anticipated throughout the healthcare industry, and looks to be the next up-and-coming investment opportunity for start-up investors everywhere. 


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