Why Healthcare Data Solutions new service could be a game-changer for EHR users

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Healthcare Data Solutions(HDS), a leading provider of healthcare databases, compliance and business intelligence services, today announced that its pro...

Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS), a leading provider of healthcare databases, compliance and business intelligence services, today announced that its proprietary EHR PRO service now includes EHR vendor identification. This upgrade offers critical customer insight to healthcare vendors looking to market their products to physicians and other healthcare providers who are using EHRs.

Government regulations and Meaningful Use incentive programs have led to the rapid adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs): Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reports that more than 458,000 eligible physicians, hospitals and other eligible providers have registered in its incentive program. However, a variety of recent surveys show that physician satisfaction with EHRs is low, and many practices and hospitals are planning to switch EHR providers. Healthcare Data Solutions’ EHR PRO helps healthcare vendors stay on top of all the EHR changes occurring among providers.

“The transition to EHRs is at the core of changes in the healthcare industry, and knowing which EHR vendors providers are using is a real breakthrough in business intelligence,” says Miranda Rochol, Vice President of Product Development at Healthcare Data Solutions. “With this data, healthcare vendors can start creating highly targeted campaigns based on EHR usage and vendor information.”

When the rates of EHR adoption among hospitals and physicians tripled from 2010-2013, the EHR industry exploded. At its peak, there were more than 600 EHR systems on the market.

“Timing is everything in marketing, and this upgrade to our EHR PRO service comes at a time when the EHR landscape is undergoing dramatic changes; some vendors are thriving in this environment, and others aren’t,” says Healthcare Data Solutions’ CEO Tim Slevin. “A tool like EHR PRO is critical for EHR vendors that want to stay competitive.”

EHR PRO vendor identification is available to existing EHR PRO customers as well as new customers. For more information, visit http://www.healthcaredatasolutions.com/ehr-pro.html.



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