Oracle Fusion Cloud Update Boost for Patients

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM includes new Healthcare Marketplace solution to help hospitals & clinics optimise planning, automate processes and improve outcomes

Oracle has updated Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite to help healthcare organisations improve patient outcomes, the company has announced.

Oracle’s suite of healthcare solutions includes Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM), and new functionality here will help healthcare organisations streamline processes, increase productivity, reduce costs, foster employee growth and better serve patient needs, the company says.

The Oracle SCM update includes Oracle Healthcare Marketplace (HCM), which is designed to boost procurement efficiency and help healthcare organisations better manage spend.

Oracle HCM will also help healthcare providers optimise planning and automate processes, as well as enhancing visibility across the supply chain. 

"Oracle Healthcare Marketplace is a B2C shopping experience within Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement”, says the company. 

The solution will help healthcare bodies maximise on-contract spend, by integrating all available contracts – including locally, regionally, and nationally negotiated contracts – for ease of access to their full portfolio of contracts and supplier sources. 

It will also improve product data accuracy, saving healthcare organisations time, resources and money – by reducing spend on costly non-catalog requests arising from incorrect product or pricing data. 

Another feature of HCM is its enhancement of the buying experience, through a third-party medical, surgical and device product catalogue. This will help increase productivity in sourcing and minimise order errors.

Oracle HCM 'improves healthcare recruitment'

Plus, HCM is expected to empower healthcare workers by “providing enhanced employee experiences,” says Oracle.

Specifically, it helps healthcare organisations “attract and retain skilled labour and to develop talent to deliver the highest quality of patient care, while also offering employees new growth opportunities and helping business leaders manage complex staffing plans to support their teams”, says Oracle.

The company adds that it will help healthcare providers “efficiently source, screen and hire in one complete recruiting solution”, as well as helping them “develop talent based on patient care needs”.

“Healthcare organisations are under pressure to deliver a consistently high standard of care while controlling costs and addressing employee needs,” says Oracle Applications Development EVP, Steve Miranda.

He adds: “The latest additions to SCM, HCM and ERP will help our customers build more-efficient and resilient supply chain processes, enhance the employee experience, improve planning, and better support frontline workers so they can focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality care to their patients.”


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