Universal Printing Company: Quality, diversity & innovation

Universal Printing Company: Quality, diversity & innovation
Universal Printing Company delivers data-driven excellence in compliance and marketing printing under CEO Margi McGrath's leadership

Universal Printing is a full-service document solutions business, which specialises in printing and mailing high-volume, data-driven compliance and marketing materials. The company operates 24/7 from secure facilities staffed by seasoned employees. Almost all of its work, including IT, is performed on site. 80% of Universal Printing’s business includes 50 healthcare companies, with hundreds of plans in every state. Most of the Service Level Agreements are 24-48 hours and an increasing amount of programme work has same-day turnarounds. 

Margi McGrath has been the owner and CEO for 28 years. Her role is to ensure that Universal Printing does everything they can to meet or exceed clients’ expectations. The team is also obsessed with Quality Assurance. 

“People touring our plants ask how we keep production moving with so much QA, but it’s critically important - and the proof is in our results,” says McGrath. 

Universal Printing continually invests in the latest technology and equipment, to give customers the peace of mind that their data is secure, that all Quality Assurance processes have been followed from start to finish and that everything the company does is completed correctly, on time and on budget.

Universal Printing’s diversity and inclusion

The fact that Universal Printing is owned by a woman has naturally led the company to prioritise Diversity and Inclusion. 

“I think people are empowered to do their best work when they’re recognised and welcomed for who they are in the workplace,” she says.

For the past few decades the company has searched for talented, motivated employees, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity and had great success. 

“The people who’ve come to us from different backgrounds and different places have played a major role in building our company into what it is today.”

McGrath also spends a lot of time working with Human Resources. 

“Finding and keeping careful, dedicated employees means everything in our business, whether it's a bindery worker or a web developer.”

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Universal Printing’s evolution as a printing company

Universal Printing evolved as a printing company first with an emphasis on financial printing: quick-turnaround, extreme attention to detail, documents that had to be perfect and had to be on time. 

“Soon after that we found our niche in the healthcare space, which had similar demands and the same 24-48 hour deadlines,” says McGrath. “Our employees have always been trained to meet the high expectations of this type of IT-driven preparation, printing and mailing.”

Universal’s relationship with CVS began over ten years ago, when Universal Printing attended a Supplier Diversity meeting at CVS headquarters. 

“Monette Knapik and her team learned about our experience with high volume regulatory printing and mailing - work that’s data-driven, targeted, customised.” 

Universal Printing had the expertise and the security certifications that CVS was looking for. A few months later, Universal Printing secured their first job. Since then, business with CVS has continued to grow. 

“CVS has mentored us as a diverse supplier and made us a better company,” says McGrath. 



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