Vivante Health: Patient First Gastrointestinal Care

Digital health company Vivante Health’s GIThrive is an all-in-one digital gut health app supporting those suffering from gastrointestinal conditions

Healthcare trends manipulate how consumers spend on their health, as well as being good indicators of what real people feel needs more attention from healthcare providers. As far as food health trends go, prioritising gut health is certainly popular currently.

For a lot of people, gut health is more than something to prioritise — 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic digestive condition that impacts their daily lives. The annual cost of a GI disease is US$136bn, and for one person with a digestive disease, prescription drugs can cost US$72,000 per year. 

Leading digital health company and sponsored benefit Vivante Health is reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed. It specialises in gut health, working to prioritise accessibility to top class healthcare and patient care. 

Vivante Health’s all-in-one digital gut health program, GIThrive, tracks gastrointestinal (GI) related symptoms and trigger foods and provides personalised care plans, and improving the quality of life of 92% of its users. The app aims to empower people through clever technology, advanced science, and on-demand human support to spend less time feeling sick and more time living life. Members can connect with GI specialists, registered dietitians, and health coaches through the app. 

For employers, Vivante Health decreases healthcare costs, reduces absenteeism, and makes for happier employees – gut-first.

Meet the team behind the gut health specialists 

Vivante Health’s Clinical Advisory Board — made up of distinguished GI physicians and researchers from the top research centres and hospital systems in the US — works alongside the company’s team to ensure that the company is providing the best GI care possible. The Board makes sure that GIThrive provides users with medically sound and evidence-based care plans, education, and support.

The newest member of the Board is gastroenterologist Dr. Hamed Khalili

“I’m excited to join Vivante Health in their mission to revolutionise digital health, gut first,” says Khalili.

“Vivante Health is doing fantastic work to care for people with digestive conditions, particularly in the area of inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive conditions. I look forward to joining the Board and supporting their mission.” 

Dr. Hamed Khalili is the newest member of Vivante Health’s Clinical Advisory Board.

Khalili is Director of Clinical Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, Crohn’s and Colitis Centre and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on studying dietary and lifestyle factors and their relationship to the development and progression of inflammatory bowel diseases. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed original papers and has received funding from the National Institute of Health, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, the American Gastroenterological Association, and the American College of Gastroenterology.

“70 million Americans experience chronic digestive conditions that can be debilitating and negatively impact their quality of life,” shares Bill Snyder, CEO of Vivante Health.

“As one of the top gastroenterologists in the country, Dr. Khalili’s extensive clinical background in GI care will help us get relief to more people even faster while reducing the cost of care for digestive disorders.”


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