Kayentis opens platform for decentralised clinical trials

Kayentis’ streamlined patient-focused platform removes logistical barriers in bringing key digitalization elements of clinical trials to patients

Kayentis has opened a fully integrated and patient-centric platform in order to optimise the management of hybrid and Decentralised Clinical Trials (DCT). The new platform is designed to improve how patients and sites use these technologies.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Meylan, France, Kayentis, Kayentic is a provider of eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) and decentralised clinical trial solutions. The company supports pharma and biotech businesses build higher quality into their collection of clinical trial data. Kayentis has conducted digital data collection for over 260 clinical trials and has additional offices in the USA and Japan.


Healthcare benefits of Kayentis’ new platform for clinical trials

COVID-19 accelerated the transition towards Decentralised Clinical Trials with patients keen to use remote technologies. 

Now, Kayentis works from the bottom up to make sure that the functions run smoothly:

  • For sponsors, the fully integrated platform enables a single set-up of all functionalities that better facilitate sponsor lead times
  • Sites benefit from improved flexibility in using and selectively activating any solution. Overall, the system is easier for a site investigator to manage all the features and maintain control
  • Patients will find this fully integrated platform highly practical. They can very easily obtain a web back-up solution if, for example, they leave their device on holiday. Should they choose to conduct a remote visit, they can easily set this up with the site, and run it through the telemedicine option embedded into the same app

Expanding the choice of interconnectable options in clinical healthcare trials

Trishna Bharadia, a health advocate and patient engagement consultant witnessed the trials. 

“During a clinical trial, patients must complete multiple study procedures, so their participation should basically be made as easy as possible,” said Bharadia. “With this in mind, offering them a single digital access point for as many study procedures as possible is, of course, highly attractive.”

Those at Kayentis are thrilled with the results. 

“Kayentis’ platform is applicable in all therapeutic areas, particularly complex protocols, and in all clinical trial models: traditional, virtual or hybrid clinical trials. The value in this new platform lies in its ability to expand the choice of interconnectable options, while standardising the same enhanced user experience across multiple systems (Web, Google Android, Apple iOS),” said Martial Marcotti, product marketing director at Kayentis. 

“Kayentis’ new streamlined platform features make remote clinical trials much easier for patients, sites, CROs and sponsors to manage; the simplified access to options considerably reduces patient burden,” said Guillaume Juge, CEO at Kayentis. “We have been expanding our DCT services in step with the growing demand for hybrid and decentralised clinical trials. This added capacity enables our operational teams across Europe, the US and Asia to attract wider interest in our digital capabilities.”


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