Citroen advert banned after causing epilepsy symptoms

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A television advert for car manufacturer Citroen has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) amid complaints that it triggered epilepsy s...

A television advert for car manufacturer Citroen has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) amid complaints that it triggered epilepsy symptoms.

The ASA reportedly received 10 complaints from viewers about the advert for the Citroen DS4, saying it caused symptoms commonly linked to photo-sensitive epilepsy.

One viewer even reported having a full epileptic fit after watching the advertisement.

It has now been declared by the ASA that the advert may not be aired again while it is in its current format.

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The Citroen DS4’s ‘Yes Men’ advert features the word yes flashing across the screen in various patterns, formats and colours.

In total the word yes appears on the screen 304 times in both black and white writing and the advert has been aired on UK television channels ITV and UK Gold and Sky.

However, Citroen have said the advert was reviewed and cleared for showing by Clearcast, the organisation that monitors television adverts with flashing images.

Clearcast also confirmed that the advert had passed the Harding FPA (Flash and Pattern Analyser) test.

In spites of this, TV watchdog OFCOM ruled that the advert did breach current standards and guidelines after the ASA approached the body for further analysis of the commercial.  

In a statement the ASA said: “We noted that Ofcom had identified that the ad had met all three conditions needed to be considered a breach of their guidance.

“We also noted that several complainants had told us that they suffered symptoms associated with photo-sensitive epilepsy, including a seizure.

It added: “We therefore concluded that the ad had breached the Code.”

“The ad must not appear again in its current form.”

Citroen DS4 'Yes Men' advert. (WARNING: Contains flashing images)

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