Expecting? Think Twice About Having a Home Birth

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For most pregnant women, the birth experience is in the forefront of their minds. More than anything, they want safety, for themselves and their baby...

For most pregnant women, the birth experience is in the forefront of their minds. More than anything, they want safety, for themselves and their baby.  

They also want a comfortable, low-stress environment. Whereas maybe home comes to mind when thinking of low stress and comfort, the hospital is actually the safest place to have a baby.

An article from The New York Times shows that the hospital is considerably safer than the home, and “babies delivered by midwives at home had nearly four times the risk for death compared with those delivered by hospital-based midwives, with the risk highest if the birth was the woman's first ... Babies delivered by midwives in freestanding birthing centers had more than twice the risk for death compared with those delivered by midwives in hospitals.”

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Because hospitals have the technology to intervene in case anything that endangers the mother or baby occurs, lives can be saved.

Hospitals are also striving to implement more things on the comfort side as well to create atmospheres more like the home.

Amenities on the Rise

As the following article shows, some of the things found in most hospitals these days that might affect your considerations about where you deliver your baby are amenities like:

  • Private labor and delivery rooms that are one so the mom doesn't need to be transferred to and from rooms. This room is also where she will stay after delivery with her new baby.
  • Many have pull-out sleeper sofas so spouses/partners/support person can stay with mom and baby.
  • Most hospitals have C-section operating rooms for both scheduled and emergency c-sections in the maternity wing.
  • Spacious private bathrooms for use with or without a wheel chair, and some even have Jacuzzi tubs so women in labor can use that to their benefit.
  • In-house lactation support so breast feeding can be successful from the start.
  • Comfortable waiting areas in the maternity wing for friends and family.
  • Food services around the clock. Most new mothers are up around the clock, and need to eat, so many hospitals now offer good food choices at any time.

Emergency Care Matters, Too

And of course, being in the hospital offers access to any emergency care, whether it's for the mom or baby, including in-room medical equipment and advanced neonatal care units.

Many hospitals stress that all their equipment is housed in exactly the same spot in each room so all staff can access it quickly at any time. This in-room medical equipment can save time in urgent developments.

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Another important factor is the number of doctors in specialized fields available and on staff at a hospital.

Choosing where to give birth is an important decision. Of course, the ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby and keep mom safe at the same time.

With hospitals incorporating more comfort amenities for mom and family, it makes sense to deliver in a hospital.

With advanced technology, comfortable areas and specialized staff, a hospital is the safest place to give birth.

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