Hospira re-launches oxaliplatin injection in U.S.

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Hospira Inc said it has re-launched oxaliplatin injection in the U.S. The worlds leading provider of injectible drugs and infusion technologies has lau...

Hospira Inc said it has re-launched oxaliplatin injection in the U.S. The world’s leading provider of injectible drugs and infusion technologies has launched the injection, its generic version of Sanofi’s chemotherapy medication Eloxatin®. The sale of Eloxatin last year in the U.S. was approximately $1.5 billion.  

Joshua Gordon, Vice President, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, said, “We are excited to once again be able to provide this critical oncology drug to our patients and customers.” “Hospira is committed to bringing safe,  lower-cost generic versions of important medications to the market as soon as possible, and in this case we’re able to do so a year ahead of patent expiration for the originator product, which will contribute to much-needed cost savings for our customers," he added.

The oxaliplatin injection is a widely used oncology agent used to help treat colon and colorectal cancer. The company will initially offer the injection in 50 mg and 100 mg single-use vials.  It is a solution form of the product.

This injection was initially launched in August 2009 following a favorable ruling patent litigation with Sanofi.The company settled litigation with Sanofi in 2010 under the agreement which called for the eventual suspension of the sales of Hospira at the end of June 2010, with the right to re-launch the product in advance of the patent expiry, the news reports said.

Hospira Inc is a global market leader for the generic injectable pharmaceuticals. It is uniquely positioned to Advance Wellness by improving patent and caregiver safety while reducing the cost of healthcare.


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