Hospitals becoming more popular by increasing number of specialists

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Written by Heather Legg Any hospital wants to have the best - the best care, the best diagnostics, the best treatment and of course, the best doctors...

Written by Heather Legg


Any hospital wants to have the best - the best care, the best diagnostics, the best treatment and of course, the best doctors. Of course, the price must be right, too, as the hospital needs to pay the doctors.

Looking to get the best doctors for the best prices is a smart way for hospitals stick to budgets, but how to do this is the question.

Among the ways:

·         Hire specialists - Specialists bring in more revenue than primary care physicians, so it may be worth it to pay them a bit more as the hospital can benefit financially from having specialists on staff.

·         Hire primary care physicians with established practices - Primary care physicians with established practices can bring in a lot of patients, as well as have a wider word of mouth range.

·         Acquire the practice - Hospitals are acquiring practices more than ever these days. Buying an established practice can add a great deal to the reputation and financial success of a hospital.

·         Offer incentives along with base pay - If a hospital can offer an incentive program with compensation for meeting set criteria, the base pay can be a bit lower. As long as the goals and criteria are feasible and reachable, this is a pay plan that often works quite well for all involved.

·         Offer quality incentives as well as monetary - Working conditions, hours, and staff all have an impact on salary and desire to work somewhere. If you can offer strong benefits, great working conditions and less demanding hours, you may be able to hire the physician you want at the price you want. We are seeing a shift these days to employees in many fields accepting a lower salary for better working conditions and benefits, in other words, a good workplace promoting positive aspects is worth being factored in to salary negotiations.


The reputation of a hospital is all important.

Not all patients have the choice of where to go, but enough do to make a difference. With good doctors and strong practices, the medical reputation will speak for itself.

As long as budget stays within set goals, these factors can help secure the success of the hospital.


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