Miracle cancer treatment kills tumours in two days

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Radioembolisation has proved to be an incredibly effective way to fight cancer, after a UK grandfather who had been given 12 months to live has been cu...

Radioembolisation has proved to be an incredibly effective way to fight cancer, after a UK grandfather who had been given 12 months to live has been cured of the disease.

Brian Brooks took part in the Foxfire trial, which is testing the breakthrough therapy, after being told his advancing bowel cancer had spread to his liver.

As part of the radioembolisation treatment, high doses of radiation therapy are delivered directly to tumour sites in the body by injecting tiny radioactive glass beads into the bloodstream.

In the case of Mr Brooks, the therapy killed the cancerous cells in his liver after just two days, enabling doctors to then remove the cancer from his colon.

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It is now hoped radioembolisation will be a successful method of liver cancer treatment for thousands of patients not only in Britain but across the world too.

Talking about his miracle treatment, Brooks said: “I was given a death sentence; it's a very difficult thing to get your head around.

“To be told you have 12 months to live and then to have completely healed 12 months down the line is a miracle,” he added.

Meanwhile, his wife Nicky said: “We've just had the results back and the doctors can't believe its success - they are astonished.”

The Foxfire trial was launched 18 months ago coordinated by Oxford University and supported by Cancer Research UK.

No official results of the trail have been released yet, although 800 people worldwide are taking part; 400 receiving radioembolisation alongside traditional chemotherapy treatments and the other receiving just chemotherapy.

The Director of Clinical Trials for Cancer Research UK, Kate Law, commented: “Without clinical trials like Foxfire, we wouldn't be able to improve techniques for cancer that are hard to treat.

“It's a promising trial and we look forward to following its progress and seeing the results.”

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