Most US outpatients not engaged with healthcare, study finds

The majority of outpatients in the US do not feel engaged with their own healthcare, a report by Gensler has found

The majority of outpatients in the US do not feel highly engaged in their own healthcare, a  new study has found. 

The research, conducted by architectural firm Gensler, found that 34% of an outpatient's positive feelings during their visit can be explained by their impressions of the exterior of the facilities they are visiting (15%) and the quality of the exam room (19%).

Gensler conducted the survey among 3,500 people who made recent outpatient visits to a healthcare setting - all during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While 73% of survey respondents said they felt comfortable during their most recent visit, only 16% said they felt highly engaged in their healthcare. Other findings include: 

  • 50% of respondents rated the quality of their interaction with the clinician positively 
  • 27% have low trust in the future of healthcare
  • 47% of respondents who had a virtual consultation said it was as good as an in-person visit

Gensler's report makes several suggestions to encourage more engagement between patients and their healthcare experience, including:

  • Configuring monitors and screens improves the outpatient’s access to health information and encourages shared decision
  • Handheld digital technologies used to actively facilitate consultations with the physician helped improve the consumers' resilience and coping
  • Creating a clear delineation between exam and consult areas gives the patient a stronger sense of control over their experience and interactions with the physician

To read the full report visit: Gensler - Outpatient Healthcare Experience Index


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