Qatar's 5 Star Hospital Of The Future

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Construction of the Sidre Medical and Research Center in Qatar is already well underway. The 3.5 million square foot hospital will be fully equipped wi...

Construction of the Sidre Medical and Research Center in Qatar is already well underway. The 3.5 million square foot hospital will be fully equipped with latest in modern medical technology and equipment and will be virtually wireless, filmless and paperless.

The new hospital development sets a president for new builds of the future; its open, spacious and full of natural light and uses only the most innovative and up-to-date equipment, affording patients the best possible care.

Technology Of The Future

According to reports, patients will be continuously monitored by a tiny microchip pill, which they swallow upon arrival. The tiny microchips, the size of a grain of sand, will send signals to an electronic patch placed on the patients’ skin, which in turn send signals to doctors’ personal iPads. As well as monitoring the heart and other vital organs, the technology will record information about patients' posture, sleep patterns and the taking of medication.

Every Sidra patient will also have an identity tag, which will be used to track them around the hospital, ensuring they are safe, comfortable and are able to have personalised treatment at all times.

The all-digital centre will use the very latest advanced technologies in robotics, computer-aided surgery and diagnostics, and digital imaging more advanced than 3D.

All doctors and medical professionals will have access to personal iPad minis and iPhones, enabling them to scan bar codes on medicines and monitor patients remotely. The state-of-the-art electronic devices will also be used to photograph and upload patient injuries to provide extra information during operations.

All electronic information, from patients’ notes to prescriptions, will be stored in the cloud.


The architecture, layout, lighting and out-patient contact have all been designed to create optimum peace, privacy and tranquillity for those needing treatment and it's expected that the hospital's care and facilities will be available to all Qatar residents rich or poor.

According to reports, all patients undergoing treatment at the hospital will get a private room with hotel standard furnishings and a view of an indoor healing garden. Every patient room will have natural light, proven in studies to offer the best environment for recovery, and relaxing water features.

What do you think about this type of hospital development? Do you think it will allow doctors to provide patients with better treatment and care or do you think it is just a cosmetic development in healthcare? 


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