Top 10 healthcare consulting companies

McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Bain & Company, PwC, EY, KPMG, Accenture, Oliver Wyman & Huron are our Top 10 healthcare consultants

10. Huron Consulting Group

Chicago, USA

5,000 employees

CEO: Mark Hussey

Revenue: USD$795mn

Huron Consulting Group is a global professional services firm that offers healthcare consulting services. Its dedicated healthcare practice focuses on providing advisory services to clients across the healthcare industry.

Huron's healthcare consulting practice assists various stakeholders including hospitals, health systems, academic medical centres, physician practices and life sciences organisations. They offer strategic advisory services concerning healthcare strategy, financial management, operational improvement, revenue cycle management, clinical transformation and regulatory compliance.

Huron logo

LinkedIn: Huron

Twitter: @Huron

9. Oliver Wyman

New York, USA

5,000 employees

CEO: Nick Studer

Revenue: USD$2.5bn

Oliver Wyman is a global management consulting firm that provides services across various industries, including healthcare. Oliver Wyman has a dedicated healthcare practice that focuses on helping clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Its consulting practice offers its expertise in areas such as healthcare strategy, market access, operational improvement, digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions and healthcare analytics.

Oliver Wyman logo

LinkedIn: Oliver Wyman

Twitter: @Oliver Wyman

8. Accenture

Dublin, Ireland

738,000 employees

CEO: Julie Sweet

Revenue: USD$61bn

Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. It offers unmatched experience and specialised skills across more than 40 industries, including strategy and consulting.

Accenture's healthcare consultants bring industry knowledge, technology expertise and analytical capabilities to help clients address modern day challenges, optimise their operations and drive innovation in the healthcare sector. 


LinkedIn: Accenture

Twitter: @Accenture


New York, USA

46,000 employees

CEO: Bill Thomas

Revenue: USD$34bn

KPMG is known for its financial services, but the company also provides healthcare consulting. Its dedicated healthcare practice focuses on supporting clients in the healthcare industry.

KPMG's healthcare consulting practice assists hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, insurers and also government agencies. Consultants offer strategic advisory services including strategy, operational improvement, regulatory compliance, risk management and digital transformation as well as healthcare technology implementation.

KPMG US logo

LinkedIn: KPMG 

Twitter: @KPMG

6. Ernst & Young (EY)

London, England

365,000 employees

CEO: Carmine Di Sibio

Revenue: USD$45bn

Ernst & Young (more commonly known as EY) is a global professional services firm that ‘Exists to build a better working world, helping create long-term value for clients, people and society and build trust in the capital markets’. One way EY changes the world for the better is through its work in healthcare consulting, where it offers expertise in everything from operational improvement to risk management.

EY logo

LinkedIn: EY

Twitter: @EYnews

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

London, England

272,000 employees

Global Chairman: Bob Moritz

Revenue: USD$45bn

Among its many services, PwC has a dedicated healthcare practice that focuses on providing consulting services to clients in the healthcare industry.

PwC's healthcare consultants have expertise in areas such as healthcare analytics, population health management, health informatics, value-based care, healthcare IT and healthcare innovation. They work with clients to address industry challenges, improve operational efficiency, optimise revenue cycles and enhance patient outcomes - which is truly at the core of healthcare.


LinkedIn: PwC

Twitter: @PwC

4. Bain & Company

Boston, USA

13,000 employees

Worldwide Managing Partner: Manny Maceda

Revenue: USD$5.8bn

Globally recognised business management consulting firm Bain & Company is active across 40 countries and provides services for the healthcare sector, helping organisations to address modern challenges and opportunities. Its consulting practice offers strategic advisory services for hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and public health organisations. 

Their expertise includes areas including mergers and acquisitions, operational improvement, digital transformation, customer experience and organisation effectiveness.

Bain & Company

LinkedIn: Bain & Company

Twitter: @BainandCompany

3. Deloitte Consulting LLP

London, England

100,000 employees

CEO: Joe Ucuzoglu

Revenue: USD$59bn

At its core, Deloitte aims to ‘drive progress’ and ‘help clients become leaders’ through its global management consulting. 

“I believe deeply in Deloitte's responsibility to lead through the unprecedented pace of change the world is experiencing, and to meet the rapidly expanding needs of our stakeholders," said Ucuzoglu.

Deloitte has a dedicated healthcare practice that focuses on providing consulting services to clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, with consulting assistance available for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Deloitte logo

LinkedIn: Deloitte Consulting

Twitter: @Deloitte 

2. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Boston, USA

21,000 employees

CEO: Christoph Schweizer

Revenue: USD$11bn 

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has a healthcare practice that focuses on helping healthcare organisations ‘Tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities’.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, BCG realised that home-based health care would only continue to grow in popularity among patients, partly due to the ageing population and also due to technological advances. This is something that the company has jumped on in its consulting services - in addition to the potential of AI. 

“I’m really proud of the work BCG is delivering to help our clients unlock their potential while navigating through the current unprecedented scale and pace of disruption around the world,” said Schweizer in a recent interview.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)​​​​​​​

LinkedIn: Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Twitter: @BCG

1. McKinsey & Company

New York, USA

38,000 employees

Global Managing Partner: Bob Sternfels

Revenue: USD$10bn

McKinsey & Company sees itself as a ‘trusted advisor’ for healthcare businesses. 

“The world is a critical place,” says CEO McKinsey. “We’re going to do things that have outsized impact and we’re OK if you don’t agree with us.”

McKinsey works across a wide range of sectors and has significant expertise in healthcare consulting, where it provides hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurers with strategic advisory services. These range from healthcare strategy development to operational improvement, mergers and acquisitions to market analysis and more. 

Shubham Singhal leads the company’s healthcare work globally. 

“As the leader of McKinsey’s response to COVID-19, I am driving our research and knowledge development on urgent strategy, operations and management issues to help institutions navigate the post-COVID next normal,” he said. 

McKinsey & Company logo​​​​​​​

LinkedIn: McKinsey & Company

Twitter: @McKinsey


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