The benefits of text payments for pharmacies and customers

By Larry Talley
Larry Talley, Founder and CEO, Everyware explains the benefits of text payments for both pharmacies and customers

Today more than ever, pharmacies are modernising their patient engagement strategies, and consumer demand for touchless digital services is at an all-time high. Offering customers a way to pay their bills by text message is a no-brainer, plus opening that line of communication sets pharmacies up for a variety of added benefits.

Customers are always looking at their phone and they expect convenience, while pharmacies have strained staff fulfilling a variety of patient requests. These are some of the benefits of text payments and communications for both parties: 

  • Get paid faster. Text messages have a 98% open rate (Campaign Monitor), so customers see the message, tap to pay, and done. It’s the easiest and fastest way for them to pay.
  • Less strain on already busy staff. The pandemic meant pharmacies became part of the frontline for battling Covid-19. Taking on added roles means pharmacy teams are busier than ever, and letting payments take care of themselves in one less duty that is streamlined.
  • Auto refills and updates. Prescription refills and prescription shipping updates can also be managed by text message, meaning less work for staff and an efficient solution for patients.

Text payments open the door to a new form of patient communication. By opting in, pharmacies can now connect with customers to:

  • Share promotions and special deals
  • Confirm insurance and address verification
  • Enhance overall customer loyalty with a higher level of customer service

The best time of day to send text to pay links to pharmacy customers that yield the highest click and pay rate is 2 pm on weekdays.

 Pharmacy customers enjoy benefits from text payments as well:

  • Text payments are by far the most convenient way to pay. Customers don’t need to download anything or login anywhere, they simply receive a text message and tap to make a secure payment.
  • They get their medications or prescription refills more quickly.
  • Confirming details like insurance information, address verification, and more can be done without waiting on the phone forever.
  • Personalised service. Customers enjoy hearing directly from their pharmacy when they have special offers or when there may be a timely promotion (think allergy remedies in the Spring).

 Text payments are a simple solution that pharmacies can implement to make life easier for them and their patients. Automated messages can effortlessly be setup to alert patients to refill, recalls, and information regarding medications, plus reputable platforms are HIPAA secure, ensuring patients and their information are safe. It’s time for pharmacies to embrace text payments.


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