Fuji Pharma to acquire DKSH's contract manufacturing ops OLIC

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Fuji Pharma Wednesday said it will acquire DKSHs contract manufacturing operations OLIC. Japan-based Fuji and the leading market expansion services pro...

Fuji Pharma Wednesday said it will acquire DKSH’s contract manufacturing operations OLIC. Japan-based Fuji and the leading market expansion services provider have signed an agreement for divestment of OLIC. 

OLIC is a contract manufacturing operation of the pharmaceutical products that is part of DKSH’s Business Unit Healthcare.

“This acquisition is an important step for Fuji Pharma in our expansion plans outside Japan. Through the acquisition of OLIC, we are gaining a best-in-class contract manufacturing business that is highly reputable, profitable and well-run by highly trained and competent staff according to the international Good Manufacturing Practice standards,” said, Hirofumi Imai, President & CEO, Fuji Pharma. Mr. Imai also said, “OLIC fits perfectly with our existing operations and business in Japan and in Asia, and we are committed to investing and growing OLIC even more, and further enhancing its already well-established reputation and performance.”

According to Charles Toomey, global head Business Unit Healthcare, Fuji Pharma is a company that has significant manufacturing expertise and is committed to establishing a strong platform in South East Asia. He opined that, for the staff of OLIC, this provides a very good future and OLIC customers can be assured that under Fuji’s ownership, OLIC will benefit from being part of the group where manufacturing is a core competence.

Fuji Pharma has also decided to expand its footprint in Thailand. It has become an increasing trend amongst Asian companies to invest and grow in their own region, the company said in a statement.

OLIC was founded in the year 1961 and provides contract manufacturing services for healthcare, pharma, confectioneries and supplementary industries.

DKSH is the market expansion services group that helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new and the existing markets. Fuji Pharma develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical products in Japan. Its products and services include acute medical care products and curative medicines, in vitro diagnostics, and medical care services for women.


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