Syapse partners with Roche to further its precision medicine operations

By Catherine Sturman
US precision medicine company Syapse has entered a collaboration with healthcare giant Roche which will enable the company to cater towards an increased...

US precision medicine company Syapse has entered a collaboration with healthcare giant Roche which will enable the company to cater towards an increased number of healthcare providers and patients receiving cancer treatment.

Syapse works with health organisations to enable the delivery of precision medicine and personalised patient care. Adopting key solutions through a unified ecosystem, it centralises the operations of healthcare providers which would otherwise be fragmented. This has guaranteed increased communication with across organisations throughout the sharing of patient data.

Syapse’s new partnership with Roche will see both companies work to develop new software products and analytics solutions to enable further insights, allowing healthcare providers to practice precision medicine at scale to improve patient outcomes and delivery of precision cancer care.

Under the terms of the agreement, Roche will fund the development of new products and services which will support oncologists and their care team, health systems, and ecosystem stakeholders including payers. Building on the Syapse Platform, Syapse will develop and deploy these new products to the precision medicine ecosystem, beginning with its existing healthcare provider network.

"Precision medicine is already improving cancer care, and Syapse is empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver the best possible care," said Ken Tarkoff, CEO of Syapse. "By working together, Syapse and Roche can make this vision of precision medicine a reality faster than either of us could alone."

Since its establishment in 2010, Syapse has gone from strength to strength, enabling health organisations to take precision medicine to the next level.

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Utilising integrated data to guarantee consistent, high quality clinical workflows, Syapse and Roche will focus on four product programs which will support the development of a “learning health system" of real-world evidence which will enable physicians to make better care decisions. This will in turn bring cancer care into the "value-based" era by further understanding the health economics impact and patient outcomes of precision medicine.

Additionally, the partnership will advance electronic patient-reported outcomes to further understand precision medicine's effect on health-related quality of life; accelerating clinical trial enrolment by matching patients to precision trials at the point of care.

"Roche and Syapse share a common vision of ensuring widespread access to precision medicine so we can dramatically improve patient care," reflected Daniel O'Day, CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals. "This collaboration supports that vision.

By combining the pioneering platform from Syapse and Roche's expertise in oncology, we can bring personalized healthcare to many more patients and healthcare providers."

Roche and Syapse will also collaborate on automated methods for measuring real-world outcomes, and will explore additional areas of collaboration with the potential to bring precision medicine and improve care for more patients.

"Partnerships like this bring together critical components of the healthcare ecosystem to help make precision medicine a reality," said Damon Hostin, Chief Executive Officer of Precision Medicine Alliance.

"Together, we bring efficiency and effectiveness to the delivery of precision medicine, benefiting patients across the country and providing our clinicians with the tools they need to deliver the best


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