Procurement & Supply Chain Articles

Nylas: AI can transform the healthcare sector post-COVID-19

Gleb Polyakov, CEO and co-Founder of software development company Nylas, discusses how AI can transform healthcare following the COVID-19 pandemic

How AI is transforming cardiovascular healthcare technology

AI is used in healthcare to identify abnormalities, measure heart rates & accelerate the move to clinical trials, say BIOS Health Ltd & VUNO

Tata Consultancy Services: Vinay Singhvi on Transformation

Vinay Singhvi, VP & Business Unit Head of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, UK & Ireland at TCS, discusses transformation and change in the industry

HealthPlix Technologies AI software helps doctors save time

Subhadeep Mondal, Product VP at HealthPlix Technologies, explains how India's AI-powered EMR software can help doctors save time in writing prescriptions

Healthcare background screening tech & staffing shortages

Val Poltorak of Healthcare & Life Sciences Group of Sterling, discusses how advanced healthcare background screening technology can ease staffing shortages

Creating supply chain solutions in oncology with Servier

Erik Lemay, head of global external manufacturing at Servier, manages pharmaceutical supply chain challenges to support cancer patients

PlanetWatch’s technology offers clean air & health equality

Claudio Parrinello, PlanetWatch CEO, uses blockchain technology to bring real-time data on clean air to customers concerned about air quality post-pandemic

NTT DATA report on Microsoft Azure migration

To help healthcare organisations utilise Microsoft Azure efficiently, NTT DATA has shared its keys to cloud migration, from transformation to technology