BodyMedia unveils health-tracking band

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BodyMedia is introducing a cool looking health-tracking band that can be worn on the arm. The new BodyMedia Core 2 band packs four sensors into a small...

BodyMedia is introducing a cool looking health-tracking band that can be worn on the arm.

The new BodyMedia Core 2 band packs four sensors into a small housing. The company said it will offer a lot of such health-tracking devices at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, where press events are already underway.

It also promises that it will be the smallest wearable multi-sensor device of its kind and the first to offer a choice of interchangeable jewelry. 

The housing for the device is smaller than an iPod Nano music player, and you can attach cool looking faceplates, straps, and cuffs to make it look more fashionable. It also features sensors to measure heart rate, temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response, and motion.

The three-axis accelerometer gets an accurate measure of your steps. The system also uses the data from the sensors to calculate your calorie burn, exercise intensity and sleep patterns.

The Original Core armband was used on the biggest loser TV show to track the fitness of contestants. The new device has energy-saving Blurtooth Smart technology that allows it to send activity updates  to the smartphone or tablet.

It can do so with longer battery life.  Along, with the smartphone and tablet , you can also use an app that makes sense of data and interprets it so one can make smart decisions about food, exercise and other things pertaining to health. 

Apart from the armband, the system also comes with a free mobile app, an online activity manager that one can long into through the web and personalized feedback with the BodyMedia FIT coach.

The website also gives you the historical data about your activity and sleep, with dietary adjustment recommendations based on your weight goals. Its earlier monitoring technology has been clinically validated, improving weight loss up to three times over behavioral support alone. 

Pittsburg-based Body Media is a medical and consumer technology company that develops wearable body monitoring systems.


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