Curie-Cancer signs bioinformatics partnership deal with GenoSplice Technology

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Curie-Cancer has signed a bioinformatics partnership deal with GenoSplice Technology for application in cancer genomics. The partnership is planned to...

Curie-Cancer has signed a bioinformatics partnership deal with GenoSplice Technology for application in cancer genomics. The partnership is planned to run for several years to develop unique and high value added genomic approaches.

The collaboration will provide GenoSplice with access to several Curie-Cancer technology platforms to allow it to continue to improve its services to its clients.

GenoSplice will be included in Institut Curie research programmes and will benefit from access to the intellectual property generated during the projects.

The agreement will allow GenoSplice to specifically contribute to the development of new products against cancer. The deal also facilitates better understanding of complex diseases such as cancer through genome mapping.

Curie-Cancer chose to sign agreement with GenoSplice, a specialized bioinformatics solutions provider with very high value-added genomic data analysis. GenoSplice will be utilizing Cure-Cancer’s genomic platform to continue to offer data processing to their primary client base-large pharmaceutical labs, biotechnology companies and academic research centers.

The goal is twofold: to better understand the mechanisms involved in this disease and to group patients in order to guide clinicians in selecting therapeutic options.

Marc Rajaud, President and co-founder, GenoSplice said, “Combining the skills and expertise of GenoSplice and Curie-Cancer will allow us to provide cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions that are very competitive in the field of genomics” Pierre de la Grange, Scientific Director and co-founder, GenoSplice said, “Participating in research projects with the Institut Curie, which are sometimes multi-party and involve other international research institutes, will put us at the forefront of developments in our areas of interest and will enable us to provide the best possible service to our clients.”

Curie-Cancer is the body responsible for developing Institut Curie’s industry partnership activities. It oversees the institute’s existing industry partnerships as well as areas of high potential interest to industry partners.

Institut Curie is a private foundation founded in 1909 by Marie Curie, the first woman Nobel prize-winner and the first prize-double winner. It is also the leading comprehensive cancer center in Europe.

GenoSplice is a leader in analysis of expression data. The company develops and markets high value-added services globally in the analysis of genomic data gathered through high-speed sequencing and DNA microarrays. 


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