Running backwards has more health benefits

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A study has found that running backwards can help to burn more calories, puts less strain on joints and overall has more fitness benefits than running...

A study has found that running backwards can help to burn more calories, puts less strain on joints and overall has more fitness benefits than running forwards. 

People that run backwards only have to run at 80 percent of the speed as those that run forwards to achieve the same health benefits, the study carried at the University of Oregon found. 

Meanwhile, researchers in South Africa found that reverse running boosts a persons cardiovascular fitness levels. 


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A study was carried out by a team of researchers at Stellenbosch University looking into the effect of backwards running. 

After comparing two groups of women for six weeks; one that followed a set exercise regime and the other that practiced reverse running, the researcher found that the backwards runners became much fitter in terms of their oxygen intake. 

The results of the study also showed that the reverse runners had lost an average of two and a half percent of their body fat. 

It is thought that reverse jogging burns one fifth more calories than normal jogging, which could explain why the bizarre craze has started to become popular in recent months. 

The unusual running technique may be preferred to regular jogging because there is less of the pounding effect that you get with normal running. 

It is often prescribed to athletes as a form of rehabilitation after an injury and many sports such as boxing and hockey has incorporated the fitness technique. 

Physiotherapists often recommend it as a way to recover from back and knee problems and some believe that it is a more efficient method of exercise. 

The advice on reverse running states that on the first occasion you should choose a terrain which is flat, check the ground for rocks or dips and start on a short distance of no more than 100 metres.


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