Carolinas HealthCare teams up with Nashville-based Applied Health

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Carolinas HealthCare System has entered into a partnership with Nashville-based Applied Health Analytics to license the companys software platform used...

Carolinas HealthCare System has entered into a partnership with Nashville-based Applied Health Analytics to license the company’s software platform used to assist the employers with building healthier workforce and manage their healthcare costs.

Joe Piemont, President and Chief Operating Officer of Carolinas Healthcare System said, “Improving the overall health of a workforce today requires employers to perform more detailed analysis of their population of employees and invest in more robust tracking and measurement capabilities to support and sustain an overall cultural shift to a healthier organization.”

Mr. Piemont also said, “This relationship accelerates Carolinas HealthCare System’s ability to help our employer partners create that platform. It builds an interactive way to inform, educate and incentivize their employees to make healthier lifestyle choices and ultimately control their healthcare costs.”  

Russ Guerin, Carolinas HealthCare System Executive Vice President for Planning and Business Development said, “Applied Health Analytics helps companies identify potentially costly health situations and guide employees to healthier lifestyle choices with education and resources.”

Robert Chamberlain, Chairman and CEO , Applied  Health Analytics said, “Applied Health Analytics provides companies an in-depth analysis to model projected healthcare costs and offer solutions that result in healthier, more engaged employees.” He adds, “The overall goal is to improve employees health and productivity.”  He also said, “Teaming with a respected healthcare provider such as Carolinas HealthCare System increases the program’s benefits.” 

The software tool for employers is the customized health and wellness workplace solutions offered through Carolinas Healthcare System’s employer health and wellness initiative.

Carolinas HealthCare is the innovative healthcare company providing healthcare and wellness programs in regions that serve over 2,000 employers from wide cross section of industries.

Applied Health Analytics is a software development company specializing in design of evidence-based population health enhancement applications.  Its range of software services provides hospitals and health systems a business support platform to effectively manage health of targeted populations. 


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