Civica Prescribing partners with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation

By Catherine Sturman
Electronic prescribing and medicines administration solutions provider Civia Prescribing has announced its partnership with Greater Manchester Mental He...

Electronic prescribing and medicines administration solutions provider Civia Prescribing has announced its partnership with Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation (GMMH). The collaboration will see its services deliver enhanced patient care, quality and safety, in addition to operational effectiveness as it moves towards digitising its services.

The collaboration will see GMMH adopt a new Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) solution, which will support all aspects of prescribing, from medicines reconciliation, up to patients discharge.

Developed with a specialist user group of nurses, pharmacists and doctors, Civica Prescribing’s solutions will therefore include specialised capabilities for mental health and substance misuse cases.

Adopting NHS best practice guidelines, alongside the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidelines (NICE), the solutions based system also complies with NHS Clinical Safety Standards (ISO 0129) and is registered under the Medical Device Directive (CE1 Class device).

The new ePMA system will help lower risk of clinical incidence for patients by offering a crucial single clinical record; avoiding duplicate entries across multiple systems, alongside unifying health and care practice for the Trust. 

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With the ability for increased scalability, Civica Prescribing will initially be rolled out across the Substance Misuse Specialist Services at GMMH, one of the largest non-private substance misuse services in the UK, which includes six sites across the North-West of England and works with more than 5,200 patients. 

The technology will embed real-time clinical decision support and role-based access to ensure all clinical staff receive the correct information through its prescribing services.

The partnership has therefore enabled the development of batch print patient prescriptions and create titration plans to support long-term rehabilitation for patients.

Medicines management and optimisation has been identified as a key enabler by the NHS as it advances the use of digital technology to improve quality and efficiency. Via comprehensive electronic prescribing and medicines administration, GMMH will be able to build a precise overview of patient’s medical information enabling assured decisions and positive actions towards safer patient care.

The system also supports the Trust’s on-going paperless strategy and delivering on local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).


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