DoH attends Abu Dhabi’s GITEX Technology Week

By Catherine Sturman
GITEX Technology week in Abu Dhabi is set to come to an end, where the latest technologies within the healthcare industry have been put on full display...

GITEX Technology week in Abu Dhabi is set to come to an end, where the latest technologies within the healthcare industry have been put on full display.

From new information management systems and enhanced cyber security, to the implementation of health wearables and robotics, the use of new technologies are digitally transforming this traditional industry in order for the development and delivery of patient centric care which remains personable and world-class.

This week, multinational companies Amazon and Accenture have both spoken at the event, with over 100 attendees joining the event to see the latest technologies targeted specifically for the healthcare industry.

The event has also been sponsored from a number of technology companies – from Huawei and Google, to Oracle and SAP. Developing new products, the sector is looking at how to not only drive down costs for businesses, but to encourage consumers to also keep track and manage their healthcare more efficiently through the use of VR and wearables.

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Additionally, the development of new information management systems will enable hospitals and acute settings to improve their inventory management, enable the development of further services and further stakeholder engagement.

In order to further improve the patient experience, Abu Dhabi has launched the Patient Authentication Project, which seeks to improve patient safety, reduce potential bottlenecks and subsequent delays and enable patients’ medical history to be accessed in a more timely fashion.  

This links with the development of new apps and services by the Department of Health, which are now able to be downloaded via smartphones.

Mr. Ali Mohammad Al Ali, IT Manager at the Department of Health has said: "Enhancing the quality and accessibility of services through quick, reliable and user-friendly digital solutions notably increases user and customer happiness.

Diversifying our service channels enriches our customers experience and boosts government integration though smart platforms leading to greater levels of digital maturity in Abu Dhabi.”


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